Episode 264 – Andrew Rothman and Brandon Combs

Seg 1- Personal news from each participant

John – I have to apologize to our listeners. I fully intended to be on the weekend show but Charter internet went down in our area of NC. As to firearm news, I’m still waiting for my SIRT pistol. I got an email yesterday saying it was finally shipping.

Rob- Dry practice.  Plan to buy a bunch of ammunition.

Rachel- First official week of homeschool.


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Seg 2- News

John -In our last episode we reported on the shocking news that some of the mainstream media made an honest report on women in the shooting sports.  Well it happened again.  This report is from a different mainstream media outlet, and it details the tensions between law enforcement and gun control.  The network reported on both the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and on Oathkeepers.  The article cited examples of law enforcement officers refusing to impose unjust gun laws on citizens.  They gave examples where Constitutional Sheriffs stood between their citizens and federal agents who violate the Constitution.  Yes, the article was biased toward statism, but not as much as usual.  It was on NBC news.

Rob Comment- Should we buy a lottery ticket since we are so lucky?

Rob- Radly Balko, who has long studied the misuse of SWAT teams and the militarization of the police, turned his reporter’s eye to the Shaneen Allen case for the Washington Post. He found that African-Americans like Ms. Allen are disproportionately arrested for “gun crimes” at both the local level and at the federal level. He notes that most of this can be boiled down to professional discretion as is the case of Ms. Allen. Many “gun crime” prosecutions are add-ons to other crimes such as robbery and assault. Others, like Ms. Allen, are the result of a victimless crime. He concludes, “But when enforcing victimless crimes, police and prosecutorial discretion can quickly become a tool of injustice, even of systematic oppression. Unless the laws like those in New Jersey are changed, people like Brian Aitken and Shaneen Allen will continue to be wholly at the mercy and discretion of police, prosecutors and governors- and thus subject to all the biases and prejudices of the people who hold those positions.”

Rachel- Marc Rabinoff is a retired professor of human and sports performance. He grew up in New York City and then spent over 30 years in a liberal college environment at Metro State College in Denver. He was only really introduced to firearms 2 years ago when he took a firearms training class to help get over his fear of guns. He liked it. He took more classes and has bought a number of guns including now an AR-15. Having taught for over 30 years, he has now come to the conclusion that educators, after training, should be allowed to carry concealed on campus. He attributes his change to two things: his recent firearms training AND the fact that his son started Columbine High School the year after the mass murders. He says, “if I had to confront a gunman in a classroom, I’d like to be able to do more than hide under chairs or tables and helplessly watch my students being murdered. I’d like to have the option to use the intense training I have undergone and the resulting skills I’ve amassed to save lives.” It has become clear to Dr. Rabinoff that trained teachers could possibly prevent the next tragedy from occurring.

Rob – California had a mandatory waiting 10 day waiting period between when a firearm is purchased and the buyer can take possession of the firearm.  A Federal district court ruled the mandatory waiting period is unconstitutional because it violates the second amendment.  There is why that is fascinating.  *A previous law ruled that some firearms are unusual because fewer than 1 percent of the population had them.  In this case, the judge considered the law unusual because only a handful of states have mandatory waiting periods.  *A previous law ruled that the state must disarm california residents if they exhibit a mental or physical condition making them ineligible to own firearms.  Therefore, if the citizen already has a legally registered firearm or CCW permit, then the state knows he is an eligible gun owner.  The 10 day waiting period may not be applied to all eligible gun owners since that broad restriction is not narrowly tailored to the states interests.  Background checks are sufficient.

John Comment- I wonder if California will now delay the background checks so they take 10 days.

Rachel- An ordinance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana prohibited residents from keeping firearms in their parked cars while they’re inside establishments that sell alcohol.  A Federal Judge ruled that ordinance is unconstitutional and can no longer be enforced.  Ernest Taylor, of Baton Rouge, challenged the ordinance in federal district court last September after he was charged with having rifles in his car and parking in a parking lot at an establishment where alcohol was sold. The Baton Rouge police confiscated Taylor’s rifles.  Judge Brian Jackson said the city ordinance clearly forbids the possession of firearms in any parking lot of an establishment that sells alcohol.  The judge said, “Similarly, the ordinance prohibits law-abiding citizens from purchasing and possessing firearms at any establishment that sells alcohol, thereby rendering the sale of firearms at establishments like Wal-Mart a criminal act.”  The judge scheduled a hearing on October 23nd to determine the monetary damages owed to Mister Taylor.

John – Can you imagine going to the grocery store and having to leave your gun at home because of some arcane local regulation? And this in a state that has drive-thru Daiquiri shops!

Rob- Bars sell alcohol.  So does the pharmacy and every grocery store.

Rachel- You know that Governor Rick Perry sent the Texas National Guard to secure the Mexican Border. Breitbart Texas reported that soldiers would not be allowed to carry personal weapons for self-defense while off-duty.  They are considered “on duty” 24/7, but not allowed to carry their service weapon when out of uniform.  A few days after the news article appeared, the policy was changed and the Texas Guardsmen would be allowed to carry concealed weapons while off duty as long as they were properly licensed.  That leaves the small issue of how the soldiers would be able to transport their personal weapons from their home base to the border region.  You see, personal weapons are not allowed on post, nor in military transport vehicles.

Rob Comment-  There is stupid.. and there is military grade stupid..

Rachel- A- Yep.  When you absolutely, positively need stupid.. we know who to call.

Rob- I’ve met economist Thomas Sowell and Doctor Sowell both thinks clearly and calls others out for the bad ideas.  This time he focused his scorn on the gun grabbers and he mocks their poor rhetoric when they say guns are dangerous.  According to the gun grabbers, guns cause crime, and more guns cause more crime.  Armed guards also must cause more armed attacks because US presidents with armed guards are shot at a rate far higher than unarmed civilians.  Using the logic of the gun grabbers, both celebrities like Rosie O’donnell and President Barack Obama would be safer if we left them unguarded.

Quoting Sowell, “These talking points are often based on a prevailing social vision, rather than on hard facts..  Factual evidence cannot make a dent in that vision.”

John- We have some political news from Massachusetts. The two Democratic candidates for attorney general are trying to outdo each other.  One candidate, Warren Tolman, said he would require finger-print safety technology on all new handguns sold in Massachusetts.  He thinks he could do that under his authority as attorney general.  Quote “Remember, we’re regulating an unsafe product; the most unsafe product sold today is guns.”  Unfortunately, the other candidate, Maura Healey, is nearly as bad.

Rachel Comment- Sorry, Massachusetts.

Rob- Are hte state police required to follow these gun regulations?

Rob- Is there a double standard in law enforcement?  An Orlando police officer killed an innocent woman in a downtown bar early Tuesday morning.  Orlando Police Chief John Mina said “The preliminary indication is that.. Officer Eduardo Sanguino shot and fatally struck Maria Godinez.”  The officer was responding to an intoxicated man with a gun who was outside the bar.  Officers tried a tazer on the suspect.  Officers then fired nine times.  They struck the suspect and two bystanders, one fatally.

John- Comment – You or I would go to jail for a bad shoot.  I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut this officer is exonerated.

Rachel – A father in Georgia filed a lawsuit after he says the principal at his daughter’s elementary school told him he was not allowed to bring his gun on school grounds. The lawsuit claims that the principal told Hugh Myers that he could not bring his gun onto the campus of Beulah Elementary School other than when he is dropping off or picking up his daughter. The principal allegedly threatened to have him arrested if he did otherwise. Myers’ attorney John Monroe is arguing that Myers should be allowed to bring his gun to school under a new Georgia law that took effect last month. Under the law, school districts are now able, if they choose, to allow some employees to carry a firearm on school grounds under certain conditions.  The lawsuit states that Myers frequently goes to the school to participate in his daughter’s activities, and wishes to carry a gun in case of confrontation.

John Comment- What liability has the school assumed by denying citizens the right of self-defense?

Rob Comment- I’m used to “may issue” sheriffs in California.  Now it appears we have “may issue” elementary school principals in Georgia.

Rachel – Texas governor Rick Perry’s Concealed Handgun License was suspended last week after he was indicted on charges of coercion of a public servant and abuse of power. Also because of the indictment, it’s illegal for anyone to sell him firearms or ammunition. Perry is known for being a CHL supporter and famously shot a coyote while he was jogging. His self-proclaimed position on gun control is, “I am actually for gun control: Use both hands.” If he is acquitted, his license and his ability to purchase guns and ammo will be reinstated. If he is convicted of this felony offense, he permanently loses the ability to have a CHL.

John Gun Quote – “Civilized people are taught by logic, barbarians by necessity, communities by tradition; and the lesson is inculcated even in wild beasts by nature itself. They learn that they have to defend their own bodies and persons and lives from violence of any and every kind by all the means within their power.” – Cicero

Hang on everybody, we’ll be back after this
Segment 3 Interviews with Andrew Rothman and Brandon Combs

Welcome back, Brandon Combs.  You were a plaintiff in a recent California court case contesting the mandatory 10 day waiting period after you buy a firearm.  Please tell our listeners about the case and how it turned out.

Segment 4 DGUs

John – An off-duty Dallas police officer was driving with his children last Thursday evening.  He saw a woman stop her car at an intersection.  A second car pull up beside her.  The two drivers spoke briefly, then the man in the second car got out of his car and shot at the driver in the first car.  The officer drew his weapon, and shot the assailant.  Quoting the officers in the investigation, “So far it looks like the officer did the right thing.. Remember, that under Texas state law, any person can take action to stop the deadly actions of another.”  The officer has yet to be interviewed.  The woman and the assailant are in the hospital and expected to survive.

Comment- It looks like the officer saved at least one life, and perhaps several.  Thank you, officer.

John- 89 year old Arthur Lewis was robbed a few years ago.  That time he traded shots with the thief too.  This time a thief entered the Jewelry Exchange in Lake Park, Florida.  The thief pointed his revolver at Mister Lewis.  Lewis grabbed the revolver and drew his own 38.  He fired six times striking Lennard Patrick Jervis in the arm, leg, and four times in the chest.  The thief fled.  His getaway driver asked police for medical help for the thief.  The thief is expected to survive.  The thief will be arrested once he recovers and is expected to face charges of armed robbery to a business, felon in possession of a firearm, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and armed burglary.  The getaway driver was charged with armed robbery.  Court records show that the thief, Lennard Jervis had been arrested 20 times since 1989.

Rob -A 74 year old Omaha, Nebraska homeowner heard glass break downstairs at 1AM.  With the other three members of his family upstairs and the alarm system blaring, the homeowner grabbed his gun to investigate.  He stopped on the stairs and shouted for the intruder to leave.  When the intruder didn’t leave, the homeowner shot 29 year old Jorge Ramirez.  Ramirez is in Creighton University Medical Center and now listed in fair condition.

Rachel- This next story is from Houston, Texas where a mail carrier picked exactly the right day to stay home for a doctor’s appointment.  He heard the doorbell ring several times at about 10 in the morning.  Then someone banged on his front door.  That is when the homeowner got his gun.  He also saw an unfamiliar black Ford Mustang parked in front of his house.  The homeowner called 911.  The intruder entered the home and the homeowner confronted him. Quote “I’m telling him, get down, stop. It went bad. He kept coming toward me and didn’t want to stop.”  The homeowner shot 25-year-old Avery Powell.  Powell was out on parole and has been charged with burglary.  The homeowner said that this robbery was particularly upsetting because he was just getting a sense of security back after interrupting a home burglary four years ago.

John – A woman in Buffalo City, Wisconsin heard two men force their way through her back door at 5 am Friday morning.  They attacked the woman and threatened her at knife point.  The homeowner grabbed her handgun and fired several shots at the intruders.  The men fled.  The Buffalo County Sheriff’s department think the woman was target by the thieves.  The Sheriff’s office is asking the community for leads.

Rachel- This DGU was sent in by listener Scott.

Neighbors kept an eye out after the next door homeowner moved from his Channelview, Texas home and asked them to watch the place.  They heard glass break and the motion detector go off at about 2 in the morning.  The couple walked over, guns in hand, and found the back door broken in.  They found the burglar locked inside the bathroom.  The neighbors, husband and wife were both CHL holders.  When the burglar bolted from the bathroom, he knocked the woman into some furniture left in the home.  Both fired their handguns at the intruder.  He died in the local hospital.  Neighbors remain upset at the large number of break-ins during the last few weeks.

Thank you, Scott, for sending that in.  We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.

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Tips and tricks
Segment 5 Show close
Listener e-mail discussion

John- Email from Jeff
100% of all home invasions happen in the home.
From another in-home carrier. 😉

Rachel- Email from Greg in Bremerton

“Man scares off attempted robber of Bremerton store”
BREMERTON — The husband of a clerk at a Bremerton convenience store faced down a robber Wednesday night, pulling a gun on the suspect, who then fled, according to Bremerton police.

Officers were called to Rob’s Quick Stop, at the corner of 15th Street and Callow Avenue, about 9:20 p.m.

The suspect had entered the store wearing a bandana across his face. The clerk told the suspect to remove the bandanna, police said, but he instead pulled a gun and slammed it on the counter before pointing it at her. The clerk ducked behind the counter.

Her husband, who had witnessed the encounter, then pulled his own gun. After a brief faceoff with the suspect, both pointing their weapons at each other, the suspect fled. No money was taken.

Police believe the suspect may have gotten into a green Toyota vehicle with a blonde female driver. The suspect is described as a black or possibly Hispanic male, approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, dark baggy jeans and black shoes.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call Bremerton police at (360) 473-5228. The suspect is considered armed and dangerous, police said.

Greg, Bremerton μολὼν λαβέ molṑn labé

Rob- From listener Adam Lund-

This is regarding the Jacksonville, Fla DGU.  I agree with most of what you all said until it came to the point where everyone agreed that hunkering down and covering each other would have been the prudent thing to do.  I have to ask if you all forgot about the one sentence about a child, who was in the house at the time, was unharmed.

If there is a child in the house, hunkering down and covering each other may not be an option you have.  If I hear a noise, I need to make a run through my house just to ensure the safety of my children. …Damn spoiled kids with their own rooms!

While you all may not have meant the best course of action in this instance was to hunker down in their bedroom and wait for the police to show up, this is what it sounded like.
Other than that, love the podcast!
– Adam

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John: That wraps up this episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  Until the weekend show…

Rob: stay safe,
Rachel: be aware,
John: and we’ll see you down the road.