SAF Gun Rights Policy Conference 2015- Video Segments

PSP crew

We live streamed the 2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona.  Here are the links to the video along with the scheduled program for each segment.

Segment 1- GRPC 2015
Saturday 8:00 a.m. CALL TO ORDER- Julianne Versnel
8:15 a.m. State of the Gun Rights Battle- Joseph Tartaro, Alan M. Gottlieb

8:45 a.m. Federal Affairs Briefing- Mark Barnes, Larry Pratt, Joe Waldron

9:15 am. State Legislative Affairs Briefing I- Stephen Aldstadt, Andreas Allen, Brent Carlton, Dave Kopp, Tony Montanarella, Richard Pearson, Alexander Roubian

10:00 a.m. State Legislative Affairs Overview- Trevor Santos


10:30 a.m. State Legislative Affairs Briefing II- Sean Caranna, Jerry Henry, Genie Jennings, Philip Journey, Don Turner, Paul Valone, Philip Van Cleave
11:15 a.m. The Impact of 3D Printing on the Future of Gun Control- Alan Gura
11:30 a.m. The Global Gun Grabber’s “Alphabet Soup”- Rick Patterson, Julianne Versnel, Allen Youngman
12:15 p.m. Awards Luncheon- Mark Walters, Kirk Evans, Alan Gura, Governor Jim Gilmore,
2:00 p.m. Winning Firearms Freedom One Lawsuit at a Time- Paloma Capanna, Don Kilmer, David Sigale, Miko Tempski

GRPC Segment 1

GRPC Segment 1

Segment 2- GRPC 2015
Saturday 3:00 p.m. The Gun Rights Battle from a Media Perspective- AWR Hawkins, Kevin Michalowski, Mark Walters
3:45 p.m. Heller & McDonald: How We Got There- David T. Hardy
4:00 p.m. Reversing School Disarmament- Jim Irvine
4:15 p.m. The Urban Initiative- Rashad Gray, Joe Tartaro
4:30 p.m. Facts vs. False Claims- John R. Lott
5:00 p.m. What’s Wrong with Obama’s Gun Control Medicine- John Edeen, Arthur Przebinda, Timothy Wheeler, Robert Young
5:30 p.m. Q & A on Saturday sessions
GRPC Segment 2


Segment 3- GRPC 2015
Sunday 9:00 a.m. Second Amendment Outliers: Blades, Suppressors and Hunting- Carrie Lightfoot, Todd Rathner, Doug Ritter
9:30 a.m. Using Media to Advance Gun Rights- Charles Heller, Don Irvine, John Richardson, Herb Stupp, Cheryl Todd, Dave Workman
10:00 a.m. Oddities: Language, Movies, Journalism and Guns- Alan Korwin, J. Neil Schulman
10:15 a.m. Outreach in a Brave New World- Andrew Gottlieb, Bryan Hartong, Philip Watson

10:45 a.m. State Coalition Building- Tom Bolioli, Gene Hoffman,
11:15 a.m. Gun Owners and the 2016 Elections- Alan Gottlieb, Jeff Knox
11:45 a.m. Q&A on morning panels
12:00 Noon Report of the Resolutions Committee
1:00 p.m. Closing remarks

GRPC Segment 3

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  1. Best 3 days I’ve ever spent at any Conference AND it is for the Highest Cause for American Citizens. Of course the Oregon Bloodshed on 10/2/15, had to magnify the “No Guns Policies” B S. Of course President “TwoStupid” was running his mouth spewing pure stupidity when he never has anything to say about his relatives in Detroit, L A, NYC, MIA, SFO, NJ,, DCA, killing that many folks in each of those places every damn weekend. Police & Fire Dept Chiefs giving each other kudos on TV Sat Noon for having everything under control in “Only 5 Minutes” once called. Why don’t we have a study on how many innocents can be killed in “Just 5 Minutes”.
    Jim Sanders

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