Episode 386 – I Still Shot You

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1- Open and Personal News Segment

2- News Segment 1

3 News Segment 2

4- Interview Segment 1: Guest Bob Mayne

5- Rant

6- DGU Segment:

6- Email and Show Close:

1- Introduction



Paul: Welcome to  the polite society podcast sponsored by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on August 14, 2016.   I’m Paul Lathrop

Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we talk about Law Enforcement Officers who definitely need more training.

John- I’m John Richardson and we talk with firearms instructor Bob Mayne.

Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone, and we talk about Kathy Jackson’s instructor development course!

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and we have a defensive gun use story where a Florida man had a bout of road rage, that cost him his life.  So Climb aboard!

Rachel: strap in

John: and hang on!

Paul:  episode 386 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.


Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)


Rob- I carried every day.  Pants on, Gun on.  I interviewed podcaster and firearms instructor Bob Mayne on my Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast.  I got in some good exercise.  How about you, John?


John- … What I did in guns this week other than carry is going to sound a bit strange but bear with me. I bought a bowling ball for $1.50 at a church yard sale. Bowling ball you say? Yep. I bought it because I plan to cut it down a bit and mount a vise on it. This will give me a very solid and portable vise to use when I work on my guns. Or assemble another AR.


Gary- ….

Rachel- Paul/Susan – Cornered Cat Instructor development class. 1) You want me to do WHAT with my right hand when I am shooting left handed?  2) Handgun retention “I still shot you” 3) Cornered Cat class.


Rob- Can we start a yelling at TV exercise program?  


  • If you instruct or coach, should you come to Kathy Jackson’s instructor development class? (Can you..)
  • How it has already changed me
    • Demo for students instead of just explaining
    • Gauge progress in awareness, not achievement
    • Book: Inner Game of Tennis – avoid overthinking, have confidence and repeatable results under pressure


Gary – Are we going to discuss the safety rules post on FB on air?



2- News 1-

County Prosecutor Negligently Discharges his Ruger 9mm at restaurant


Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings “Accidentally” discharged his firearm while at the Texas Roadhouse in Anderson, Indiana. Reports say that initially he didn’t know what the sound was and that he thought it was an “electrical explosion”. After hearing the shot, restaurant patron Aaron Taffner went to his vehicle to get his own gun, as he was walking back into the restaurant he saw Mr. Cummings walking out the door with a large hole in his shorts pocket.


After police arrived, they determined that it was simply an accident and they closed the case with no charges being filed.


When interviewed, Prosecutor Cummings said Quote “I’ve been using firearms professionally for 36 years and nothing like that has ever happened before. I assume what happened is that putting it in and out of my pocket WITHOUT A HOLSTER caused the safety to disengage.” End quote  Mr. Cummings also stated that the weapon was a gift from his daughter and he believes that the pistol is properly registered in her name.


Properly registered? Indiana does not have gun registration and as a prosecutor  Mr. Cummings ought to know the law of his state!


What is Mr. Cumming’s first plan of action after this incident? He says that he is going to have the GUN checked out by a gunsmith. He doesn’t blame himself for not properly carrying his gun, he blames the object. We all have a responsibility to the future of gun ownership to be better than this, to know the law, to know our weapon and to know that this “thing” is just an object. It is about the PERSON in control of it, not the gun.


Mr. Cummings, GET A HOLSTER!


Rachel- It is stories like this one that that made people like me think it was stupid and dangerous to carry a gun. But it’s people like John Lott and alternative media like Polite Society Podcast who publish truth. I’m so glad the truth was out there when I went looking for it.


Rob- I am not a county prosecutor and I wonder what would have happened if I had a negligent discharge in a restaurant bathroom.

Paul – It takes more than taking the safety off.


Librarian Killed In Police Training Exercise

73 year old retired librarian Mary Knowlton was killed Tuesday. She died from a single gun shot wound while participating in a Punta Gorda, Florida Police Department force-on-force training event. While police officials termed the shooting “accidental”, it was in fact “negligent” as those in charge failed to confirm that there were no live rounds in any of the training pistols. They were supposed to be loaded with simunition rounds for this shoot-don’t shoot scenario. The Florida Dept of Law Enforcement is investigating the incident at the request of Police Chief Tom Lewis.


Rob- this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an accident like this.  We see firearms that are not intended to be used in the exercise inside the training area.  We see non participants bring a gun into the training area.  The area has to be kept clear of weapons and every one entering the area has to be screened.


John – This incident took place with people who participated in something affiliated with their Citizens Academy. The question needs to be asked why they needed to do force on force training as they were not sworn officers.


Congressman wants to extend the FBI background check timeline

Currently, by law, the FBI has up to three days to complete a background check on potential gun buyers. After three days, the dealer has the discretion to complete the sale if they so choose. Rep. James Clyburn, Democrat of South Carolina, wants to change this. He is proposing a bill that would allow the FBI to have up to 28 days or until the background check is complete before green-lighting a gun sale.


Representative Clyburn stated Quote “Congress must pass my bill, the Background Check Completion Act, to close the Charleston loophole and keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of people the law already says should not own them. The policy should be very simple; no check, no sale.” End quote.


Clyburn’s reference to the “Charleston loophole” once again demonstrates the classic leftist approach of never let a good crisis go to waste. Referring to the incident where a shooter murdered nine churchgoers, the killer was sold a gun after he surpassed the three-day timeline on the FBI NICS check without a denial from the Bureau. It was found after the killings that he had a criminal history including a drug charge that would have disqualified him from purchasing the firearm used in his heinous crime.


Mr. Clyburn also says we need “some moderation” when it comes to the Second Amendment.


Rob- I recently had to wait a half hour for my NICS check to go through.  We almost had to give up and try another day.  That reminded me that all honest gun owners are dependent on the NICS system and the politicians who control it.  Honest gun owners can be stopped by politicians, but not criminals.  Criminals buy their guns criminally, so all a corrupt politician has to do is stop background checks and he has disarmed the honest people.  Does that frighten anyone else?


John- Every time something like this is proposed, we need to send letters, faxes, and emails to our Senators and Representatives. We should follow that up with a call.


Paul –  I know where he can put his moderation. Since the 1930s we have had moderation and look where we are now.

Gary –

Most mass murderers passed their background checks.



-WV university seeks to ban guns amid fear over constitutional carry

Anyone heading to West Liberty University in West Virginia will need to leave their firearms behind.  It doesn’t matter if they are a licensed concealed carrier or if they have a shotgun behind the seat of the pickup.  The university’s Board of Governors voted unanimously Wednesday for a ban on firearms on campus.  That ban violates the constitutional carry law passed last year.  There is a 30 day comment period for the planned new policy.


Other nearby colleges, including West Virginia University, Marshall University, and Fairmont State University, all have similar gun bans on the books.


Rob- Why do university professors and administrators think they are special?  The students and delivery drivers who carry off campus all the time are not a danger on campus.. Except to the delicate psyche of liberal professors who want to be helpless.


Gary- They are not thinking.  They are playing politics with students lives.  John Lott is an expert.  John Benner is an expert on defending schools.  We and our listeners are nothing more than well informed citizens.  We know this is a bad idea.  It is obvious.  So would the school administrators.. if they cared to look.  They don’t want to know the facts.  A bunch of elite statist professors  complained to their management.  Now their management is trying to break the law to please the faculty.  What burns me up is that the West Virginia citizens will pay their legal bills.


Rachel- Campus Carry went into effect in Texas a couple weeks ago. Have we discussed the story where all of UT Austin became an uncontrollable raging firefight and thousands were murdered? Oh wait, that was just in the liberals’ irrational nightmares. That having been said…..I do believe a private university should have the right to restrict or ban carry. I also believe that students (and faculty) should stand up for what they believe. If they want gun control, go to the universities that ban guns (and leave Texas, thankyouverymuch). If you believe in gun freedom and personal responsibility, intentionally select a school that upholds the right to defend yourself. Sometimes standing up for our rights results in personal sacrifice. We are inconvenienced. It costs more. It’s trouble. YES it’s trouble to stand up for freedom.  How do you think our country began? Was it worth it to them?  Is it worth it to you?


Rob- Sure, a private landowner can declare a gun free zone sign, and the security check-point to enforce it.

John – Shannon Watt’s daughter goes or did go to a school that allows campus carry. Hypocrisy much?


Petition fights California gun grab

There is a gun culture in California, and it is pushing back against the recent bills outlawing common firearms.  A businessman from conservative Carlsbad organized a petition drive to restore the right to keep and bear arms in California.  He circulated the petition online and at gun stores statewide.  He needs 365,000 signatures by Sept. 29.


The anti-rights legislation included mandatory background checks before an ammo purchase, a new state database of ammunition buyers, banning semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, outlaws magazines holding more than 10 cartridges, and prohibits loaning a firearm to a close family member.


Lisa Gunther is the owner of Gunther Guns in Carlsbad. She said, “These anti-gun bills passed but have not gone into effect yet.  We are seeing an uptick in purchases of rifles with bullet buttons since they will be banned in 2017. New buyers are coming out to purchase shotguns and handguns before the lawmakers decide to ban those, too.  People are purchasing more ammunition due to future ammo background checks on the horizon.”


“These outrageous and  unconstitutional bills that passed the California legislature should alarm Californians enough to get out to vote this November. If we lose the Second Amendment, which amendment is next? Think about that. Even if you don’t own guns, your liberty is being eroded.”


The link to the petition drive is in our show notes.


Rob- I have many friends in california.  They show me a lot of people at their petition drive.


Chicago- Where Socialists Ideas go to die

This is tragic.  We’ve commented on the repeated records set by the murderous drug gangs in Chicago.  The city again set a record last week with over 100 people shot in seven days.  In one day, there were 19 separate attacks resulting in 9 murders.  We are watching failed Socialist policies take their toll on the citizens of Chicago.  The staff of the polite society podcast is sorry for them.. And how they voted to bring this on themselves. Let us all learn from their mistakes even if they can not.


Gary- We talked about mass transit in Chicago being a rolling “gun free zone”.  Well there were two attacks by armed robbers on the elevated trains last week.  The politicians won’t learn.


John – I’d be very interested to see a map of these shootings. Are they all in the Gold Coast or is in the South Side or other poor neighborhoods?





Texas Business Owners May Be Liable For Gun-Free Zone Shootings

Texas is already gearing up for the 2017 legislative session, and gun rights will no doubt be a major issue again. Senator Bob Hall is addressing the issue of liability for business owners who ban carry. In Texas, business owners can prohibit license-holders from carrying on their property by posting a 30.06 and/or 30.07 sign. Senator Hall wants to make those businesses liable for “any harm that befalls patrons as a result of being deprived of his or her weapon.”


Hall recognizes that criminals target gun-free zones. He stated, “Businesses that establish themselves as ‘gun-free’ provide a guaranteed path of least resistance for terrorists and psychopathic murderers by ensuring that all of the law-abiding patrons in their establishment, including those licensed to carry a firearm, have surrendered their right of self-defense at the door.” Senator Hall wants to motivate businesses to allow carry. He is optimistic about legislative support for this proposal.


Rachel-In my opinion, this is a very good way of upholding private property rights as well as the right and responsibility of personal protection. It’s a great way of keeping businesses from flippantly throwing up 30.06 and 30.07 signs and claiming they do it “for liability.” If you live in Texas and want to help support this bill, please shoot me an email or text and I will be sure you are on my legislative alert list. rachel@politicsandguns or 512-937-3006


Kim Rhode Medals


One last new item – Kim Rhode won the bronze medal in women’s skeet at the Rio Olympics. She has now won a medal in six consecutive games which is a record for the Summer Olympics. Kim is not only a great athlete but is also a Second Amendment stalwart. Congrats to Kim on her win. She is a great role model and a great representative of the United States.


Rob- Kim lives in Los Angeles.  She lives with abusive gun laws every day.


John – I will also say Kim has only a few sponsors from the gun industry. She doesn’t get the big money.


Rob- Can you say political correctness.. in our board rooms.


Gun Quotes-  Bring a gun to a gunfight.  An armed man will kill an unarmed man with monotonous regularity.  Although it is infrequent, it is not the odds of needing a gun that move you to be armed.  It is the stakes of needing one and not having it close at hand.  –Col Jeff Cooper


Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our guest Bob Mayne

3- Interview 1 -Bob Mayne


4- Rant – I thought that libertarian meant that you stood for personal liberty.


Rather than have a second interview this week I wanted to take a little bit of time and talk about the presidential election again. If you have heard enough of this please feel free to go on to the next segment and listen to the DGU’s but I hope that you don’t. I hope that you pay attention. I hope that you pay attention because I didn’t and it surprised me. I pride myself on knowing politics. I have spent most of my adult life following politics and participating in the process.


As many of you know I have withheld my support of Donald Trump, stating that I wasn’t ready to say that I was going to vote for him. That there were things that concerned me, and I honestly believed that there was a possible way that Johnson could be successful in a 3rd party run for the White House.


Then yesterday happened. As you all know I drive truck for a living. I was just coming off my 10 hour break and getting ready to drive when Rob posted to our staff page on Facebook that William Weld had made some anti gun comments that were available on YouTube.


I had a few minutes before I had to stick the truck in gear so I loaded up the video and forwarded to where Rob said that the comments were. Boy was he right. The Vice-Presidential nominee for the Libertarian party said that he wanted a 5 round limit on rifles and that handguns were worse.


As I stated a few weeks ago I am a 1 issue voter. I vote 2nd Amendment freedom all up and down the ballot no matter the party.  If you trust me to have a gun then you trust me with my own money generally, you trust me to be smart enough to run my own affairs without government sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong.  Therefore as a 1 issue voter it breaks my heart to say that I cannot support the Libertarian party in this year’s election. The reason may surprise you. It’s not because of Weld’s support of gun control directly, although that does play a part.


It’s because Johnson SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that this was there. Weld proposed some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation as the Governor of Massachusetts. At the very least there should have been several hours of sit down interviews with the potential VP candidate and in this election season guns HAD to be brought up.  I thought that like Trump, who had stated that he supported gun control in the past that Weld had changed his mind and now supported our right to keep and bear arms as stated in the bill of rights. Unfortunately now several media outlets have interviewed Weld, and he has again doubled down on his statements.


Therefore Johnson had to know and not care that the one man that would be a “heartbeat from the presidency”  only supported “hunting” arms. That is a no go for me.


So this year I once again am going to hold my nose and vote for a Republican for the top federal office. While I don’t like Trump I will support him and will give every ounce of my effort and every bit of my voice to elect him and once he is in office I will give the same effort and voice to make CERTAIN that he keeps our 2nd amendment rights in the forefront of his mind during his elected term in office.


Rachel-Paul, I am so glad that you preach so strongly that our job is not done once we vote. The important part, whoever we vote for and whoever wins, is that we hold elected officials accountable. The best officeholder can fall if we fail in this; and the worst officeholder can be held in check if we do our job. Let’s all commit to doing our job to the best of our abilities – whatever that means for each one of us. One of my favorite quotations: “A man has done less than he ought until he does all that he can.”

Rob- Men do less than they ought, unless they do all they can. Thomas Carlyle, (a Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher.)


5- DGUs


You Can’t  – Temporarily – Fix Stupid

A Florida man had at least two bouts of violent road-rage. His first cost him 11 years in prison – the second… his life. Gary Lynn Durham, 40, died on a Plant City street after a driving confrontation. But, don’t shed too many tears for Mr. Durham, as 15 years ago he murdered a man in a similar road-rage incident. This time it was different; his chosen victim had a self-defense firearm.

Durham, served 11 years in prison for a 2001 road-rage killing. Because of his extensive criminal record, he could have been sentenced to 30 years for snuffing out the life of a 48-year-old husband and father. However, he benefited from the court’s mercy. The judge thoughtfully included 300 hours of community service and issued orders to seek psychological and drug evaluations and anger management counseling. None of that seemed to help, as just a short time after he was paroled, Durham attacked another driver.  


After a minor incident on the street, Durham used his truck to force the other vehicle to stop, and jumped out to confront the driver. The other man got out of his car (not a good idea) and words were exchanged. As the argument escalated out of control, the man pulled his weapon and shot severals times, hitting Durham once. Deputies arrived to find the apparent victim performing CPR on his former opponent. The surviving driver is cooperating with police and has been questioned and released. As of yet, no charges have been filed. The investigation is continuing and the State’s Attorney’s office will provide the final determination.


All this is to emphasize the necessity of carrying every day, everywhere. POGO. But, be mindful of your situation – we would recommend NEVER leaving the safety of your vehicle in a confrontation. You never know when you’ll meet another violent killer released by the legal system.

We will note that only ONE of the many media sources we used in preparing this DGU mentioned the murder Durham committed 15 years ago. The suppression of that important fact is interesting – and troubling. Without too thick of a tin-foil hat, we could postulate the media’s desire to make Durham more sympathetic and cast doubt on the necessity of the shooting, or even perhaps hide the leniency of the legal system. Who knows? But it is a window on the media’s biases in self defense shootings.        


Rob- This is another example where thinking about the event ahead of time helps us make good decisions when we don’t have time to think.




911 Operator Tells Grandmother to Disarm.
“She kept saying; ‘Put the gun down! Put the gun down! And I said ‘I’ll put the gun down when I see the police!’“ Those were the words of an 80-year-old convalescing grandmother facing several home-invaders. She was not squawking at the criminals, but at a 911 operator, who was ordering her to disarm.   


N.J. Logan was upstairs in her Tampa Bay area home recovering from hip replacement surgery when she heard a door being kicked in. The woman was alone in the house: her husband was out playing bridge with friends.  “I don’t know what was going on in my mind. Honestly all I wanted was my gun,” Logan said. Once it was in hand, the 6 million dollar gal advanced on the enemy. “I was probably running down the stairs with my new hip, so to speak.” All the while threatening – promising –  to shoot the bad guys.   

Outmatched, the burglars retreated, and Logan dialed 911. The operator ordered Logan to put down her gun, which she colorfully declined to do until it was safe. Police arrived to find a broken glass door and a slashed screen and no suspects. Holmes Beach Police Chief William Tokajer agreed that with the increasing amount of home-invasions in the area, it was good Logan kept a gun in her home.

What the police haven’t answered is why the 911 operator ordered the homeowner to disarm herself. We will remind our listeners of the advisability of being armed, especially if crooks are known to be in the area. The 911 operator was not a sworn officer, and way out of line with her orders. That doesn’t mean a victim should completely ignore a operator, they can serve as an essential link between the homeowner and the arriving police. We would remind the operator it’s the victim’s sole duty to remain alive until the police arrive – and the best way to do that is with their gun.

Paul-  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Six_Million_Dollar_Man

Rob- Have you thought about what you will do if you call the police and they arrive.


From The City of Peace

And finally, comes a story from The City of Peace(™) – aka: Chicago.  In the sleepy Chicagoland suburb of Buffalo Grove, two masked men suddenly smashed down a front door. They came in armed with a large hunting knife, and stabbed the homeowner multiple times.  Three others were also stabbed in the melee, and the attackers even stooped to knifing the family’s German Shepherd.    


The attacked stopped when the homeowner was able to break free and grab his gun. He opened fire, driving the attackers away. Police later captured three suspects with a large bloodstained knife. In spite of that rather large, bloody clue, no charges have been filed as of the time of this report. The wounded home-owner was hospitalized, the other three were treated and released, and the Shep will thankfully survive it’s wounds.


Police have not suggested a motive for the attack, but have suggested it was not a random crime. It does seem very likely that four people — and a German Shepherd — would have been hacked to death but for the proper use of a firearm. A gun in anti-gun Chicagoland.    


We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com  Please take a minute and share them with a friend.




6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close


Text message #1


Don’t forget to mention wolves when talking about wild animals, coyotes also. They are hard on pets, just lost our shelty dog. She is missed! This track was at the end of our driveway. I may have small hands but that is huge.


Email # 1


I heard you mention last night that you were considering a Viridian laser for your carry gun.


I’ve been carrying a Viridian C5L on my carry piece (Steyr C9-A1) for several years now.  I really like it – It’s very compact , the tac light is surprisingly bright, and the filter they put on the light spreads it out horizontally very evenly, so you get a wide fan-shaped beam that doesn’t waste light on the ceiling and floor.  The green laser makes it just too easy to shoot in the dark – I took it out to the local outdoor range after dusk one day, and promptly went home after 2 magazines because it was just no fun without the challenge.  During the day it’s much more visible than a red laser, but still hard to see in direct sunlight, so I turn it to the strobe function to flash the laser so it’s more visible.  The light can be programmed to any combination of solid or flashing strobe or laser, which is a neat feature, though I find the strobing light to be disorienting to the shooter, though presumably more so to the target.


One thing to definitely look into is Viridian’s ECR function – It’s basically a magnetic switch, so if you activate your laser and holster, it turns off the laser, but it automatically re-activates when you draw.  I love this feature, though because of my exotic choice of carry gun, I had to modify an existing kydex holster with a magnet and some J-B Weld to use it.


The only drawback I can see is that it’s much harder to get holsters for guns with lights and lasers, and it does add a not-insignificant amount of weight, so my marginally acceptable gun belt is a bit overtaxed.


Just thought I’d share my $0.02.


-Jake from Iowa


Email #2


Hello, brethren and sisters of the gun. I’ve recently found your podcast
and have been binging though the backlog. Great stuff.

I live in the Memphis Tennessee metro area. As you likely know, Memphis
is consistently at the top of cities with the highest violent crime
Lists.  Nothing to be proud of, but hey – at least we have fantastic BBQ.
However, I’ve heard this is now a recipe free zone so I can’t share our
secrets with you

I’m writing about a news story you reported on in Episode 381. You spoke
of TN Bill SB1736, the TN anti-gun free zone law that went into effect
in July. Unfortunately, the fantastic version you discussed was amended
significantly before it was passed.

As originally proposed, the bill can be summarized as “if a property
owner posts, and a person who could otherwise carry is harmed as a
result of being prohibited from carrying, that person can take legal
action against the property owner.” It was an extremely clear bill that
stood very strongly in support of our 2A rights.

The bill was amended and gutted before signing. The entirety of the bill
was thrown out and replaced with a single clumsy paragraph that doesn’t
come close to meeting the intent of the original bill.

As I understand the final signed bill, it says “If a property owner can
legally post, and chooses not to post, they are immune from legal claims
resulting from not creating a gun free zone”.  Hopefully, the amended
bill will incentivize more businesses to not post, but it does not
explicitly protect us from having our 2nd amendment rights chilled.

For reference, the original proposed bill:

The amended bill that was signed:

Lastly, in Tennessee if a business in Tennessee posts according to
specific signage requirements, that sign carries the force of law.
Violation is a misdemeanor with a $500 fine, and you will lose your
carry permit. However, the business has to post signage that meets very
specific requirements regarding size, location, and text. Last I looked
at Waffle House the posting did not comply. However, just for you, next
week I will make the sacrifice and venture into a couple houses of bacon
and syrup to see how they currently post.

Keep up the great podcast, and thanks for the entertainment and



Rachel-Thank you, Brian. In our news segment we covered a bill proposal in Texas that is actually based on the original TN bill. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get watered down….
Rob- they changed the “rules of the house” for our local waffle house, and Rachel, they have bacon.


John – I wish all states had uniform signage!

Email #3


Listening to episode 384, and the subject of a coyote encounter came up.
Do not forget they are a predator, and while a single animal may shy from human contact, a pack is a force multiplier, to our disadvantage.
Keep your heads up, eyes & ears open so they don’t get the drop on you.

Regards, The Armoured Porcupine
Rob- Thank you, Mr. P.


Email #4


With respect to my email from below, you asked me to get back to you regarding why I carry FMJ or LRN instead of hollow points.  I was hoping to generate some discussion from the panel.  But since you asked, I get that from some of the other podcasts out there, particularly the one whose dad was a famous sports writer. You can edit out the name if you want, but I believe I have heard Tom Gresham say to use FMJ or LRN for its, yes Rob, penetrating ability.  Maybe not for coyotes, but for bigger predators such as bear and just plain mean critters such a feral hogs.

Any more thoughts?




Rachel-As Massad Ayoob would say, can you articulate? Research and prepare for your most likely threats.

RACHEL, can you look at the news story about west-virginia?

????? what story? Who wrote that?

John –


Email #5


First I wanted to thank you all for the great podcast, and the time you put into it. It’s probably the best out there covering the pro 2A fight.


I lean toward the libertarian/constitutional parties, and i’m a one issue voter. I actually changed from independent to republican this year hoping Paul could make a run at it, but he was out before we even voted in PA so I went with Cruz.


Now here we are, Trump, Johnson, or the devil/Clinton. I hate Trump, he acts like a spoiled little kid and I don’t think the believes in anything. With the supreme court hanging in the balance I was ready to vote for him…I think…maybe.


I hope I’m wrong but if you look at the electoral college map I don’t think Trump has any chance of winning. Clinton is going to win the swing states and the election. We will loose the supreme court and more of our rights.


Best case for me would be Johnson can get in the debates and pull another 15% from each side. Not much chance of the happening either though.


The whole system is corrupt to the core, and there’s simply not enough of us that actually care.


If we can’t change the system maybe we should change our focus to finding a way to get out of the system.




Rachel-something that has helped encourage me is to be involved at the local level. While I don’t think I can have much impact on a national level, I KNOW I can change things locally. I network with others, focus on fights that will give me the most payoff for my investment, and mostly ignore the rest. I’m OK with the fact that I can’t change the national system overnight. And I know, if it is going to be changed, it won’t be because one leader comes along to change it. It will be because enough small groups of local activists created change in their communities.


Rob- Liberty lovers need to send Rachel Bacon and chocolate so she stays active.


Be careful with the polls.  No one knows how to predict this race.  We’ve seen record high voter turnout for republican candidates.  We’ve seen record low voter turn out from Democrat voters.  


Rob-  The pollsters don’t know how to extrapolate their small sample to the much larger election.


John – The NRA has started running anti-Hillary ads here in NC.



Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?


Rob- I wrote about liberal bigotry making it acceptable to threaten gun owners.  I also wrote an article showing how you can save children’s lives in your neighborhood.  It takes five minutes a day for one week.  I can’t do it, but you can.  My articles are up at Clash Daily, at Ammoland and at my blog, slow facts dot wordpress dot com.


John, tell us what’s new at your blog “Only guns and money”


John- I want to remember a champion of the Second Amendment who passed away on Wednesday. Patriot, founder of the Three % movement, and blogger Mike Vanderboegh died after a long bout with cancer. Mike is best remembered for his role in exposing the Obama Administration’s malfeasance in Operation Fast and Furious. While no one ever was charged with a crime – though they should have been – Attorney General Eric Holder was found in Contempt of Congress. While Mike could be cantankerous to say the least, he was always pleasant to me and wanted to talk more about his family than anything else. Mike leaves behind his wife Rosey and children Matt, Hannah, and Zoe. Mike was 64.


Rob- Mike loved to tell a story.


That and more is at only guns and money dot blogspot dot com.


We would like to thank Charlie Foxtrot for writing up show notes for us. Even though you don’t hear him on the air he is certainly part of what you do hear. Look at his blog at not one more gun law dot blogspot dot com


Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank (Bob Mayne) for joining us today.  (Rob won’t be with us next week.) So for Charlie Foxtrot, Gary, John, Rachel, Susan, and Rob,


(Paul, stop talking now)

Rob: Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Rachel: be aware,

John: and we’ll see you down the road.