Episode 301- Miko Tempski, Andrew Rothman and Matthew Chase


“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”
Rob: Welcome to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded live on Wednesday, 14th January, 2015.  I’m Rob Morse
Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone and on tonights show we’ll interview Miko Tempski and talk about the SAF’s lawsuit against Washington Initiative 594.
John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk with Andrew Rothman about Minnesota Gun owners civil Rights alliance success at changing the Minnesota Concealed carry applications.
Rob: we also get to talk with Matthew Chase about carrying guns in synagogue.
Rachel: We also have our usual self-defense news and defensive gun use, so climb aboard.
John: strap in
Rob: and hang on!  Episode 301 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1- Personal news from each participant
Rob- I went to a new range in San Diego.  Other than new paint, it isn’t anything special.  A couple of tall bar tables and chairs don’t make you a guntry club.  To their credit, they will let you shoot from concealment.  They will let you shoot quickly.  As they said, you must be in control at all times.  I agree.

Talking about control, another range in San Diego wanted me to take a 75 dollar training course.  If I passed their course, I would be allowed to present from the holster at their range.  It looks like we will shoot IDPA at that range starting in February.. and we won’t need to take their training course.

That brings up a topic I want to discuss with my co-hosts.  I agree with being uncompromising when it comes to safety.  In contrast, I condemn the attitude that says everything is dangerous.  I’ve met too many range officers who have the attitude that the only safe shooting is slow fire from a bench.. and the only relevant training is the training they have taken or the training their range provides.  I look forward for them going out of business.

Back to shooting, I got my IDPA scores from our local match.  I placed 11th out of 34.  I was second out of 5 shooters in Custom Defensive Pistol (read 1911).  This is what one of the stages was like if you’re not familiar with IDPA.

There were 5 targets for you to shoot arrayed in an arc at a distance of about 6 yard.  The string required two shots on each target.  You shot them in tactical sequence. Tactical sequence is also called boarding house rules.  That means everyone gets some before anyone gets more.  Each target had to be shot once before any target could be shot a second time.  To make it interesting, there was an extra target in front of you.. and you were not supposed to shoot it.  Each target wore a different color scarf.  After you loaded your weapon, you were told which color was your friend.  It sounds like this.

In that recording, the shooter’s time was 7.6 seconds, and he was faster than I was.  He was shooting 9mm.  My time was 9.4 seconds to shoot 10 shots.  I had to reload for the last shot.  I was also 1 point down.  That means one of my shots was outside an 8 inch circle in the center of the target.  Speed AND accuracy are important.

I also did some dry practice and ordered some magazines.  Magazines wear out.

John – I did nothing gun related. I’m still dealing with this upper respiratory garbage. I did start a short course of prednisone and a Z-pack. I want to be better for SHOT!!!

Rachel- I spent yesterday at the Capitol for opening day of the session, promoting Constitutional Carry….but we’re reporting on that in the news segment. Since we canceled Sunday’s podcast, I spent the afternoon printing the remainder of the 15,000 petitions with a group of Lone Star Gun Rights volunteers. Also, I got to speak to the Republican Freedom Coalition of Texas at their monthly luncheon today. I spoke on truth and injustice…the truth about gun rights that binds us together in the gun rights movement, and the injustice that spurs us to action.

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Seg 2- News

00- The 84th Legislature in Texas convened on Tuesday. Around 100 gun rights activists gathered in support of Constitutional Carry. Volunteers with Lone Star Gun Rights delivered 15,000 petitions in support of HB 195, the Constitutional Carry bill. They visited each office of the 150 representatives and 31 senators, giving each office a stack of petitions signed by their own constituents. For many of the volunteers, this was their first expedition inside the Capitol. It was the beginning of a new season of gun rights in Texas, as activists transition from open carry walks into legislative action. Activists are proud to have a strong champion in Rep. Jonathan Stickland, the author of HB 195. Stickland gave a rousing speech to the activists, thanking them for their help and pledging to push HB 195 as far as possible.

0- Texas isn’t the only state pushing Constitutional Carry bill. West Virginia may see Constitutional Carry as well this year, with West Virginia Citizen’s Defense League promoting what they call “3-22 legislation.”  It’s named after the WV Constitution’s right to bear arms clause. The bill removes the crime of carrying a concealed weapon except for persons prohibited from owning firearms. See more about the bill and sign up to receive updates at the WVCDL site.

1-I’d like to correct the record about the police response to the assault by french muslims in Paris last week.  The French police who responded on bicycles were allowed to carry guns.  The particular policemen man or may not have been carrying when they were shot.

John Cardillo spoke to his contacts in Paris.  The police were Prefecture of Paris National Police could be armed with Sig SP2022 in 9mm.  The cop was ambushed and hit with multiple 7.62 rounds. He never had time to draw his weapon.

2-Texas Senator Donna Campbell proposed a bill that would further recognize the right of self-defense.  Campbell’s bill prohibits many state and local public buildings from barring lawful concealed carry.  The bill also strips sovereign immunity from governmental officials who illegally establish disarmament zones.  The bill allows gun owners to sue those government officials for damages.  Quote, “We need to fortify our Second Amendment rights any time we can.  I think that means allowing law abiding, licensed gun owners to lawfully carry their weapons in more places.”

comment- That means Texas is finally catching up with Kansas.

3- Being indiscriminate means you can’t tell good from bad, and that is the goal of political correctness.  The latest case came from Walmart.  Stephanie Wehner took her wedding announcement photographs to Walmart.  They refused to print one of the pictures because it contained a firearm.  The big box retailer said that guns support gang culture.  The groom in the photographs is not a thug.  He helps produce online hunter’s education and safety videos.

It was only when they were questioned by the news media that Walmart changed its policy and said the local employee was misinformed.  Walmart management said it will not print a photograph depicting criminal activity or offensive language.  Firearms are not mentioned.. except by bigoted store employees.

4- This next story won’t take long.  California Senator Barbara Boxer is retiring after 20 plus years in the Senate.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that the Democrats will replace her with anti-gun California Attorney General Kamala Harris.  While serving as District Attorney in Alameda County Harris recruited other District Attorneys and filed an amicus brief in District of Columbia v. Heller, arguing that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual’s right to own firearms.  Both the old and new senators are from the San Francisco bay area.

5- Also from San Francisco, You already know that California has crazy gun laws.  San Francisco leads the list.  That city requires a firearm be stored in an inoperable condition unless it is in the owner’s possession.  That is the same rule that was found unconstitutional in Washington, DC.  Also, due to San Francisco gun laws, no one can carry concealed.  That means it is illegal to carry as you get your mail, pick up your newspaper, or turn off the sprinklers in your front yard.  No one in San Francisco can get a concealed carry permit.

You might not know that the supreme court only accepts one out of a hundred cases submitted to it.  That is why this next news item is interesting.  The highest law enforcement official in the state is the State Attorney General.  26 state attorneys general signed a petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review a 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals decision that approved the San Francisco ordinance.  The Wisconsin AG said, “We do not want this precedent to stand and create a problem for law abiding gun owners in other states.”  Maybe the supreme court will listen and take the case now that a majority of states attorneys have asked for review.

6- We’re reported stories where police broke the laws and were not prosecuted as you or I would have been.  That means we’re obliged to report when police officers are charged for breaking the law.  Two Albuquerque police officers were charged with murder.  They killed a homeless camper back in March.  The killing started a federal investigation into the Albuquerque police force.  The investigation found a pattern of excessive force.

SWAT team member Dominique Perez and former Detective Keith Sandy face a single count of open murder in the death of 38-year-old James Boyd.  Open murder allows prosecutors to pursue either first-degree or second-degree murder charges.  The officers fatally shot the homeless man who was holding two knives after an hour long standoff.  The confrontation occured in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains.  The homeless man had a history of mental illness.  Video from an officer’s helmet camera showed the homeless man surrender before he was shot.

Rob comment- We had a similar story in California where five officers beat and crushed a schizophrenic man.  They were found not guilty of a crime.  The officers and the city were found guilty of a civil offense.  The award was several million dollars.  The mayor, the police chief, and several of the officers lost their jobs.  I’ve read stories of them being shunned in town.

7- There is a lawsuit against Washington DC which claims they have deliberately denied the right to bear arms.  The new DC mayor just admitted as much.  Mayor Muriel Bowser said “You have a mayor who hates guns.  If it was up to me, we wouldn’t have any handguns in the District of Columbia. I swear to protect the Constitution and (do) what the courts say, but I will do it in the most restrictive way as possible.”
Comment- Your honor, I rest my case.
Comment- This is the same Washington DC where a young man was shot in the head so the gang thugs could steal his shoes?
Comment- That is the place.

8- State Rep. Jim Lucas filed legislation to replace Indiana’s current concealed carry permit program in favor of free and lawful unlicensed carry. The bill would replace 30 pages of Indiana’s firearms regulations with language allowing unlicensed or so-called constitutional carry.  Four other states have similar laws. “This is geared toward the innocent person. I want to remove one more obstacle in their path where they can defend themselves.
John- break

9- Utah Representative Norman Thurston wants to change Utah’s traffic laws.  Today it is illegal to bring a knife or gun onto public transportation.  He said, “You were perfectly fine walking down the street and then you get on a bus and now you’re a felon.  You’re not doing anything different. If it’s legal to be on the street, it should be legal to be on a bus. If it’s illegal to be on the street, it should be the same type of illegal to be on the bus.”  That makes sense.  Representative Thurston should hear from our Utah listeners.

10- Pennsylvania Attorney General Kane doesn’t support the right of self-defense.  She is also in trouble with the law.  A special prosecutor and grand jury said that Democrat Kathleen Kane leaked confidential legal information to a newspaper.  She released the grand jury material to a paper in order to embarrass her political enemies and rivals.  The grand jury recommended charges of perjury and contempt of court.
Rob- Those charges would usually lead to a lawyer being disbarred.  I doubt she will be disbarred or even prosecuted.

11- Turning to national legislation, Congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky introduced House Resolution 86.  It is called the Safe Students Act.  I would repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990. Representative Massie said, “Gun-free school zones are ineffective. They make people less safe by inviting criminals into target-rich, no-risk environments. Gun-free zones prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves, and create vulnerable populations that are targeted by criminals. A bigger federal government can’t solve this problem. Weapons bans and gun-free zones are unconstitutional. They do not and cannot prevent criminals or the mentally ill from committing acts of violence. But they often prevent victims of such violence from protecting themselves.”  Please contact your congressman and ask for his support on HR86.
Rob- I sent a letter to my representative. I use PopVox.

12- Attorney General Eric Holder said the US is at war with “lone wolf” terrorists.  The murderers in France were not lone wolves, they were known wolves.  They posted jihad videos from france for years.  The Kalashnikov automatic rifles, Molotov cocktails, grenades, a machine pistol, and unregistered handguns were all illegal according to french law.  You can easily smuggle weapons into europe if you can smuggle millions of immigrants across the border.  So I have to ask.. how is that gun-control working for you, mon ami?

As you would expect from any armed attack, the anti-rights groups used the french murders to support more gun control.

Rachel- This week’s gun quote is paraphrased from Mike Rowe- “Democracy works for those who show up.. Making sure as few as possible show up … is not a coincidence. It’s a strategy.”

John- Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our interview gun use segment.

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Segment 3 Interviews

Miko Tempski – SAF At the end of 2014, the Second Amendment Foundation filed suit against the state of Washington’s I-594. Could you give us a brief synopsis of the case?

You have an interesting variety of plaintiffs ranging from individuals to a private security firm. How did you go about getting a group of plaintiffs with this breadth?
Where do things stand now?
One of the complaints that I’ve heard in the gun rights community is this lawsuit specifically isn’t meant to stop background checks. How would you respond to this?

Andrew Rothman– You’re the president of Minnesota’s Gun Owner’s Civil Rights Alliance.  You noticed that the state of Minnesota violated the law on their new concealed carry application.  They have since revised their application.  The state did not change it because they are Minnesota nice.  What was the problem and how did you get it fixed?
Rally at the Capitol-

Matt Chase– (http://dailycaller.com/2015/01/12/bring-your-gun-to-synagogue/)
You wrote an article asking jews to concealed carry in synagogue.  You also said that the leaders of many jewish organizations took anti-rights positions.  Why do you think that is so?  You not only asked jews to carry, you carry yourself.  Thank you for your integrity.  What is the attitude of your rabbi, or did you have to shop for synagogue where self-defense was respected?

Segment 4 DGUs
1-This story is from Toledo, Ohio.  The owner of an auto detailing business saw someone trying to steal one of his cars.  He approached the thief, and the thief lunged at him with a knife.  The business owner is a licensed carry holder and was carrying at the time.  He shot at the thief, but only grazed him.  The thief ran, but was soon arrested by police.  The shop owner is cooperating with police and is not facing any charges.

2- This story could be called any time – any where – the usual suspects.  Two men tried to break into a Las Vegas home.  The area was described as law abiding.  The neighbors said they had never seen a policeman on their street.  The robbers kicked in the front door near midnight.  They were armed.  The homeowner ran upstairs and retrieved his gun.  The robber shot at the homeowner and missed.  The homeowner shot the robber several times in the chest.  Both robbers ran from the house.  The wounded robber left a trail of blood across the driveway and collapsed on the street.  The other robber escaped.  The wounded robber died at the hospital.  The dead robber had been out of jail for less than one year.  He served time for burglary, attempted armed robbery, for five separate felony cases.

3- She’s a Pistol is the name of a gun store in Shawnee,  Kansas.  Four young men walked into the store wearing hoodies and carrying a duffel bag.  The details are not clear, but they tried to rob the store at gunpoint.  They struck the female store owner in the face.  They shot the male store owner.  The store owners shot three of the robbers.  Only two of them were able to run away.  The two fleeing criminals were arrested a short distance away by police.  The three wounded criminals survived but remain in the hospital because of their injuries.  The male store owner died at the hospital. The female store owner was hospitalized overnight and released.  All four of the robbers are charged with murder, aggravated robbery or attempted aggravated robbery.  No weapons were taken from the store.

The robbers had criminal records.  one of the robbers pleaded guilty to unlawful use of a weapon and was placed on probation for three years. Another was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and assault on a police officer.  The oldest robber was 20 years old.

4- A man entered an Indianapolis clothes shop wearing a mask.  He drew a gun and demanded money from the store clerk.  The store clerk gave him the money.  As the robber left the store, the clerk started dialing the police.  The armed robber re-entered the store and threatened the clerk.  At that point another store employee drew his firearm and shot the robber in the head.  Police found the robber lying outside the store.  No customers were injured.  The robber had a record of prior arrests.

5-Four armed men forced their way into a Columbus Georgia home.  They put a gun to the head of the female homeowner.  The male homeowner heard her scream.  He shot the robber several times.  The robbers fled.  Police found the wounded robber in a nearby yard.  He was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery.  Police arrested another of the four robbers.  He was charged with home invasion first degree, criminal attempt armed robbery, aggravated assault , possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and theft by receiving stolen property.  The other two remained at large.

6- It was almost closing time at the seafood bar and grill in Houston.  Two men walked into the restaurant wearing hoodies.  They produced a gun and ordered the female store owner to hand over the cash.  She walked into the kitchen where her husband saw that she was terrified.  The robbers ordered the store owners to the floor and held them at gunpoint.. until a customer interveined.  The customer held one of the robbers until police arrived, and shot at the other robber when the robber pointed his gun back at them.  The robber escaped on foot.  The other robber was arrested by police for armed robbery.  Local merchants handed out flyers for the restaurant to help drum up business after the robbery attempt.  The female store owner said the customer’s calm actions inspired her to get her CHL.

Segment 5 Show close

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Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?
I wrote about the failed gun laws in Washington State.  I’m writing about most gun owners not deserving the legal right to own guns.

John do you want to mention anything off of your blog you would like to talk about?

I did a post yesterday about an effort by Bloomberg’s Everytown to influence journalists. In conjunction with the Columbia University’s Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, they will be putting on an all expense paid 2-day workshop for 15 reporters and editors from the Southwest. It will feature their so-called experts, etc. I surmise that this is an effort to write the media narrative in AZ and NV in advance of universal background check initiatives.

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank Miko Tempski, Andrew Rothman, and Matt Chase for joining us today.  co-hosts, will you be with us next time?  I’m looking forward to it.  Until the next time…
John: stay safe,
Rachel: be aware,
Rob: and we’ll see you down the road.

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