Episode 276 – Zombie Run


“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Welcome to the polite society podcast recorded live on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. On tonight’s show we’ll present an After Action Report on the Zombie Run and we’ll talk about self-defense news

Seg 1- Personal news from each participant

John – Not much in the way of shooting news to report. However, I did receive my invitation to Media Day at the Range for the SHOT Show. It means I can do more than just look with regard to some of the new firearms coming out. I’ll be able to actually shoot them!!!

Rob- Ammo arrived.  I felt like a ammunition pusher delivering a package of lead and brass to a friend.  One box with a thousand rounds of 45 is heavy!

Rachel- not much. Prepping for a LadySeed I’m shoot bossing in Fredericksburg this weekend.  I have a wedding gig Saturday evening so I’m going to have to figure out some way to go straight from the range to a formal event without having range hair…all the ladies will understand.

Seg 2- News
ROB – In California, we recently passed a law that would let a doctor take away your means of self defense.  A mental health professional, a cop or a family member could ask for a firearms restraining order.  This will be abused.  It will also be ineffective.  How do we know the new law will not stop the mentally ill?  Because some crazy people are evil, and they lie.  The young murderer who shot up the Arapahoe High School in Colorado planned his attack.  The murderer called himself a “psychopath” in his secret diary.  The murderer vowed revenge for slights dating back to elementary school.  He was a discipline problem at school and threatened the debate coach.  The murderer wrote that he wanted to commit QUOTE “mass murder and be in a place of power where I and I alone are judge, jury and executioner.”  CLOSE QUOTE

To the rest of us, that is a clue.  The murderer was required to take two mental health evaluations within a few months of his murders.  One was a threat assessment by a school psychologist.  The second evaluation was by therapists at a private behavioral clinic.  They determined he was a low-level threat.  Yes, then described him as a threat in their reports.  So how did this murderer pass the mental health screening designed to detect sociopaths?  The murderer tellls us in his own words.  In his diary, the murder said, “Let the record show I lied through my teeth (during) the test.”

The proponents of firearms registration said they will keep us safe.  They would take guns from people who are crazy, criminal or corrupt.  You’d have to be crazy to believe them.  Similar laws are proposed in New York.


RACHEL – Allison Lundergan Grimes is running for political office.  She is currently the Secretary of State in Kentucky.  She wants to be the next senator from Kentucky.  Grimes recently spoke to a board of editors at the Louisville Kentucky Journal Courier.  It isn’t news that politicians say different things to different audiences.  Now we can find out when they say one thing to one audience and say something else to a different audience.  The Weekly Standard has a copy of Allison Grimes briefing notes for the newspaper editors.  Grimes was told to say-

support “strengthening background checks,” on firearms

don’t take a stand on “closing the gun show loophole.”

“disagrees with Obama on gun control by saying “We shouldn’t be banning guns based on things like their grips as a bill supported by Obama tried to do.”

Note that Grimes does not have a clear position against banning guns for other reasons.  The Democrat Senate Committee has stopped all funding for Grimes in her election bid for Senate.

John – comment – despite her waffling on whether she voted for Obama despite being a delegate for him, she has come out for universal background checks. I did a blog post on it a couple of weeks ago.

JOHN- Susan Happ is the Democrat candidate for Attorney General of Wisconsin. On Monday, she called for universal background checks on all gun sales. Perhaps it is only a coincidence but that same day her opponent Republican Brad Schimel received the NRA’s endorsement for Attorney General. In response to her call for universal background checks, Schimel said that criminals don’t fill out government forms. He says the real problem is prosecutors don’t enforce laws barring felons from possessing guns.

ROB – In further proof that keeping university campuses gun-free zones is not a great idea, police at the University of Illinois issued a public safety alert for the Champaign-Urbana campus. This came after four separate incidents of battery and strong armed robbery by a roving mob of black males. They randomly attacked five people for what University Police say was “seemingly no reason”. The incidents happened early Saturday morning. There is speculation that these random attacks were actually part of a gang initiation ritual. Police in the area had noted the rise of street gangs as either affiliates of Chicago gangs or stand-alone gangs that later affiliated with the Chicago street gangs..

RACHEL – How is that gun-free campus working for you in Washington DC?  A group of eight students at Catholic University were robbed at gunpoint.  This happened in a wooded area on campus thursday evening.  Two men approached the students.  They drew a handgun and demanded their Phones, backpacks and wallets.  The students, two women and six men, were unarmed.

JOHN – The Bloomberg-affiliate Moms Demand Action has been running a campaign against Kroger because they won’t kow-tow to demands to forbid legally owned firearms in their grocery stores. This next story illustrates why giving in to the Demanding Mommies would be dangerous. Champak Rana of West Chester, Ohio went to the Kroger Monday evening to pick up his wife. While using the bathroom, an armed man put a gun to the back of his head and demanded his wallet. Rana complied and the man ran from the store.  Police are looking for the armed robber.

The Bloomberg Moms are now perversely using this incident as an example of why legal carry must be banned in Krogers. They said Kroger customers “should not be responsible for determining if someone in the store holding a gun is a criminal or merely making a political statement.”

ROB – On Monday, the US District Court for Idaho ruled that the Army Corps of Engineers cannot ban the carrying of firearms for self-defense on Corps property. The case, Morris v. US Army Corps of Engineers, challenged the total ban on firearms and ammunition used for self-defense. There are limited exceptions for hunting on Corps property. The court said the Corps’ existing regulation violated the Second Amendment under any level of scrutiny and enjoined its enforcement in Idaho. Chief Judge B. Lynn Winmill limited it to Idaho as the plaintiffs only challenged its application on lakes and in campgrounds in Idaho.

RACHEL – Here is what happens if you live in a country where there is no Second Amendment and no Fourth Amendment. The Home Secretary in the United Kingdom issued new guidance to British police regarding firearm regulations for England and Wales. He said that police could now make unannounced home visits to gun owners to check on the security of their firearms. The police can do this if they have a concern that the gun owner might be vulnerable to either theft or terrorism.  A dedicated Crimestoppers hotline has been established to report concerns. Given that the Government reports only about 475 firearms (out of a total of 1.8 million) are stolen annually, the British Assoc. for Shooting & Conservation has called this law “unnecessary and inappropriate”. The Countryside Alliance is asking shooters to contact their MPs about the campaign as it  ““encourages an untrusting and vindictive attitude from your friends and neighbours”.

ROB – I’m writing an article about Mexico.  Some students from a teachers college protested against the corruption of their local government.  The police herded them into vans.  They were later found in several mass graves.  We think the police gave the students to the local narcotics gangs who killed them.  Today the students and faculty burned down the state capital.

JOHN – Loudon County (Tennessee) Commissioners voted 10-0 on Monday night to take down the signs banning carry in the county’s office building. The idea to do this came from Loudon County Mayor Buddy Bradshaw. He said the gun ban was outdated. Bradshaw continued, “”What the gun signs in effect did was disarm a law abiding citizen, and I didn’t feel comfortable being a part of that. “I think this makes us safer. In my opinion removing the signs is the same thing as removing a bullseye.” As to the Courthouse and Annex, removing signs there will be up to the sheriff.  There remains a “no guns” policy for city employees, but the mayor said that might change too.

ROB – 17-year-old Atiya Haynes, a Michigan honor student, was expelled from school after security guards at a high school football game found her pocketknife in her bag. Her grandfather gave her the knife to protect herself as she biked between southwest Detroit and Dearborn for her summer job, and she’d forgotten she’d left it in her bag. The school is allowing her to take online courses in order to graduate, but because of a zero-tolerance policy for weapons she’s not allowed to physically return to her school.

RACHEL – To me, this story screams out about ceding control of our kids to the government and thereby subjugating them to governmental regulations. Whether we’re talking about guns, self-defense, or raising our kids: if we do not take responsibility, we lose freedom. THIS is why I have chosen to homeschool the brother I’m raising. So I can teach him as I wish, so he can learn about freedom, so he can learn the purpose and use of firearms, so he can be a member of a polite society.

RACHEL – Governor Cuomo must feel confident about owning New York.  He has proposed a second version the gun control act called the New York SAFE act.  Safe act 2 would include-

  • All weapons must be stored with a safety locking device or in a safe storage depository.
  • Requires all semiautomatic pistols must microstamp the ejected case.
  • Ban all weapons larger than 50-Caliber.
  • Adds business practices, recordkeeping, reporting and a million dollar liability insurance requirements for all firearms dealers.
  • Requires that all firearms sold in New York are child safe.
  • Citizens can only buy one gun a month.
  • imposes a 10 day waiting period.
  • Requires every bulled to be etched on the base with a unique code.
  • Requires mandatory quarter million dollar liability insurance for each gun owner.
  • Reduces the period of a pistol permit to two years from five years.  The period of the pistol permits used to be lifetime before the first safe act reduced them to five years.

This looks like the cultural purge New York Democrats have always wanted.

Gun Quotes – John

“How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual… as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded over, controlled, supervised, and taken care of.”  Texas state representative Suzanna Gratia Hupp

Segment 3 Interviews

After Action Report – Zombie Run at BattleRoadUSA

Segment 4 DGUs

JOHN – A man brought a knife to a gunfight at a Northeast Philadelphia [PA] supermarket late Sunday afternoon.  The two men didn’t know each other.  They were in the parking lot outside the Pathmark grocery store.  That is where the younger man started the argument because the older man “looked at him for no reason.”  The younger man then pulled a 13-inch serrated hunting knife and threatened to cut the other man. The older man asked the aggressor several times to drop the knife.  The younger man refused, and attacked him instead.  The older man then pulled out his 9mm Glock and shot the knife-wielding attacker in the groin. The attacker was taken to the hospital in critical condition.  The defender has a valid concealed carry license.  No charges have been filed.

RACHEL – An Alabama man was walking along a trail in an Alabama park.  It was just at sundown when the walker was approached by a man carrying a large stick.  The man demanded his money and his wallet.  The victim presented his firearm and the robber fled.  The victim gave a detailed description of Bobby Dean Hall, age 40, of Sylacauga, Alabama.  The police picked Hall up, and the robber is now in the Talladega county jail until he makes bond.  The armed man is unhurt.

ROB – 1:30 AM is a strange time to buy a bag of chips. A customer brought a bag of chips to the counter at a British Petroleum gas station in Saint Louis, Missouri.  The customer also brought a handgun and pointed the gun at the store manager while demanding the money in the till.  The manager drew his own handgun.  He shot the robber in the leg, the buttocks and the hand.  31 year old Roosevelt Yancy was taken to the hospital where he remains in stable condition.  He is charged with attempted robbery and armed criminal action. A judge set bail at $150,000 cash-only. I noticed that the news already had a police photo of Mister Yancy, so I’d guess he has a criminal history. The 23 year old store manager and a 26 year old clerk were not injured.

JOHN – Pennsylvania State representatives Marty Flynn and Ryan Bizzarro were walking home from the capital at about 11pm.  The pair were approached by several teenagers and a teen driving a car.  One of the teens pointed a gun at the legislators and demanded their money.  Marty Flynn is the representative from Scranton.  He is also a former prison guard, a mixed martial arts fighter and a professional boxer.  He drew his licensed handgun and fired at the teen.  The crew of teens fled while the legislators called 911.  The provided a description.  The police found them.  And the legislators positively identified the teenage robbers.  Police recovered the firearm used in the incident. The teens were charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, possession of a firearm by a minor and a curfew violation. I assume these two Pennsylvania legislators are pro-self-defense.  I wonder how the democrats, Flynn and Bizzaro feel about the Pennsylvania attorney general working to stop reciprocity with other states. 

Segment 5 Email and Show close

Rachel- This e-mail came in from listener William Harvey.  Hello, William, and thank you for writing.  He says-

Hello all,

In a recent program you responded to an email I sent and it ended up a discussion about revolvers and that they were no longer viable primary defensive arms. Even though I normally carry a semi I do at times carry a wheel gun as my primary carry gun. Just depends on my mode of dress and the situation. I don’t feel under-gunned when I do so either. It is all a matter of how you train and what you practice. With a semi a lot of time is spent practicing doing failure drills. With revolvers you spend your time practicing reloading.

I’m not saying the revolvers are superior to semi-autos and I am not saying they are inferior. Both have the advantages and their disadvantages. (I.E., every cloud has a silver lining and every silver lining has a cloud.) The best choice depends on the situation. Maybe you should try to find a wheel gun expert as a guest. Maybe Grant C., from gun nation.

My question about the defensive gun use refers to the clerk that shot two of the robbers and had the 3rd shoot him and got away. Everyone said he did a great job and I have to agree 100%. When the story first aired, it was mentioned on 2 shows, Rachael asked, “Wonder if he had training?” A good question and something I also wonder. My question comes from what was next said. One of the guys, don’t know which one, said, “I hope so.” I have to ask, WHY?

It would seem from all the comments everyone seems to think he did a great job. He certainly did better than a lot of police in that he was able to hit 2 of his targets and kept a level head throughout, something that training may not instill. So why, after the fact, does it even make any difference if he had training or not? In other words, why do you hope so?

Not intended as a criticism but just curious.
William Harvey

Rob comment- I hope everyone who carries has training because a lethal weapon is the wrong place to learn from your own mistakes.  If I remember correctly, the clerk was open carrying a 45.  The robbers had hoodies pulled tight around their heads.  The clerk was backing out of the store when he bumped into the fourth criminal who was a lookout waiting at the back door.  The lookout shot him in the hip.

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