Episode 262 – Brandon Combs

“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”
Rachel: Welcome to the polite society podcast recorded live on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014. I’m Rachel Malone
Rob: I’m Rob Morse. On tonights show we have an interview with Brandon Combs of the Firearms Policy Coalition.
John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about self-defense news
Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and we have our weekly stories of defensive gun use
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Gary: Episode 262 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1- Personal news from each participant
Rachel- Testified at a hearing for a proposal to allow alcohol sales at Texas gun shows. More on that in the news section, but essentially, I tried to take a big picture look at the proposal and address the lack of validity of TABC establishing these regulations, rather than the stupidity of the regulations themselves. Since I was on, we successfully ran Academy 31 – our girls’ camp – and then broke our A/C unit (in Texas in August) and are looking forward to having that replaced tomorrow. 🙂

Rob- I did some dry fire on the move. I donated some money to put billboards up in Atlantic County, New Jersey. That is where Shaneen Allen is being prosecuted. Also, my article about modern rifles being outlawed in Maryland was mentioned on Armed American Radio.

John- I’m am waiting for my SIRT 107 to arrive. M&P version of the SIRT training pistol. I think it shipped on Monday! I may be able to have a report on it by the weekend. Like Rob, I donated some money to help publicize Shaneen Allen’s case.

Gary- Another training class on Sunday. I have an ongoing training class for me scheduled for next month.

Seg 2- News



Gary- Here is a chance to bring some needed justice to New Jersey.  The Second Amendment Foundation, Tom Gresham of Gun Talk, and the NJ2AS are working together on the Shaneen Allen case.  They are putting up billboards asking citizens why the County Prosecutor wants to put Shaneen Allen into prison for 10 years.  Add a note “New Jersey Billboards” when you donate at the Second Amendment Foundation website.

Rob-  I donated.

John – And so did I.  Donations are tax-deductible.

Rachel- Open Carry Texas has received a lot of criticism in the last few months.  One comment was that Open Carry Texas only walks in rich white conservative neighborhoods.  The implied criticism is that armed defense is only for rich white people.  Open Carry Texas thinks self-defense is for everyone, so they planned a walk in Houston’s fifth ward.  Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was quite upset, perhaps because the crime ridden fifth ward is part of her district.  The congresswoman said, “On behalf of many thousands who live in this community that are minding their daily business, Open Carry’s efforts need to stop, need to be canceled, they need to end.”  Some residents of the fifth ward threatened Open Carry Texas.  I guess the Progressive Congresswoman’s tolerance of diverse opinions and practices stops at armed self-defense.  Fortunately, groups like the Armed Citizen Project and Open Carry Texas will exercise their freedom of speech and freedom of assembly without the Congresswoman’s approval.

John- Comment- they can and they will advocate for self-defense for everyone.


Gary- SYRACUSE, N.Y. — One hundred and five people will be laid off at Remington Arms in Ilion, New York.  The layoffs are part of Remington’s plansto move two assembly lines to Alabama, which was announced in May.  Original reports said there wouldn’t be any job losses in anti-gun New York.  Those reports were wrong.

Rob- Last week Massachusetts passed more laws that restrict the sales of long guns.  This week, Savage Arms announced it will lay off 95 people from its plant in Westfield, Massachusetts.  The 120 year old firm has been in and out of bankruptcy for about the last 30 years. It is now owned by Alliant Technologies who also makes Federal ammunition.

John-Comment-  maybe the timing is only coincidental.

Rob- Comment- Maybe.

John- Gordon Jenkins was mayor of Monticello Village, New York.  This mayor from the Hudson valley area was also part of the Bloomberg group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, or as John calls it, Mayor Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors.   Mayor Jenkins is now in the Sullivan County Jail along with Building Inspector James Snowden.  Charges related to the demolition of the old village court building.  Both men face felony charges of receiving bribes, criminal mischief, and two counts of conspiracy.  They are also charged with misdemeanors of official misconduct, criminal nuisance, and under the Department of Environmental Conservation law, endangering public health or safety.  Mayor Jenkins was also charged with the felony of intimidating a witness in connection with a separate incident in Fallsburg, New York.

Rachel- It was a tough weekend in nearby New York City, the gun control capital of the eastern seaboard.  19 people were shot on Saturday and Sunday.  Two died of their gunshots and two remain hospitalized in critical condition.  This brings the number of murders up to 678 from 605 recorded this date in 2013.

Rob- Also in New York City.  Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a $12.7 million “Gun Violence Crisis Management System”.  The plan uses gang members as “violence interrupters”.  This comes as the city faces a 12 percent uptick in shootings this year.  Remember that the overall rate of criminal use of firearms is falling across the rest of the US.  Also remember the experience of Chicago, where recycled gang members continued their life of crime once they were being paid as “violence interrupters”.

Speaking of the failed program in Chicago:

Gary – New evidence has emerged that contradicts Governor Quinn’s claim that he shut down a failed and mismanaged “Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.”  Instead, House and Senate leaders and members of the Legislative Audit Commission, are pointing to a last-minute $20 million lump sum allocation buried in the state’s labor department budget. They are calling for an accounting of what appears to be a virtually identical re-branding version of the scandal-plagued program.

Rob- The California legislature is working on laws that would allow the government to seize your firearms if someone says you’re violent or mentally disturbed, or a danger to yourself or others.  It seems that even experts have a hard time telling who is at risk of violence and who isn’t.

John – The high school student who murdered another student at his suburban Denver, Colorado high school last year had been deemed “not a high-level of threat” after shouting a death threat against his debate coach three months earlier.  Disciplinary records show that the murderer was allowed to return to class less than a week after the murderer was demoted from captain of the debate team and said he would kill the coach.  Documents show the murderer showed no remorse for making the threat.  The murderer planned to kill the debate coach when he entered Arapahoe High School on December 13th with a shotgun, a machete and homemade bombs.  The murderer killed a 17-year-old girl before taking his own life in the school library as security officers closed in.

Rachel- Comment- They misjudged this teenager and people died as a result.

Rob Comment- True, but they also disarmed the school staff and people died as a result.

Rachel Comment- Yeah.

Rachel- A Texas school district gave the final approval for armed staff in the classroom.  The Sadler and Southmayd Consolidated Independent School District adopted the armed staff program back in April.  The Board selected a group of teachers and staff from a list of volunteers.  The volunteers underwent a psychological evaluation and 24 hours of specialized concealed carry training over the summer.  Monday night, the Board reviewed the results and approved the newly trained staff members to carry on campus.  School Superintendent Tommy Hunter said the district would not to reveal which staff may be armed.  “We don’t want to help potential shooters.. The teachers are going to know who is armed, but the student body is not.”

Rob- 24 HOURS?

Rachel-The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission held a public hearing yesterday to consider testimony on proposed regulation changes. TABC was approached by the Dallas Safari Club, who wanted to be able to sell alcohol at events where guns are also sold. The original understanding was that the new rules would require all gun shows and other events where guns were displayed or transferred to follow strict new regulations in order to allow alcohol to be sold, whether or not they actually sold alcohol. An announcement at the hearing

suggested that the commission is backing off and now offering a proposition where event planners could choose to not sell alcohol and still go with the former regulations. The events in question would include gun shows as well as fundraising banquets, raffles, or historical reenactments. The restrictions include a ban on any live ammo (gun shows with no ammo for sale, anyone?), firearms that must stay dissembled and out of the hands of the public (so you can’t handle a gun before buying it, and the transfer must occur later). Sounds like a stupid way to run a gun show to me….

I testified at this hearing, along with a dozen other gun rights leaders from the Texas open carry movement, other gun rights lovers, and – on the other side – Dallas Safari Club and Moms Demand Action Bloomberg representative.

Rob- What about NRA banquets where guns and alcohol are routinely present.

John- Gun Quotes

“No tendency is quite so strong in human nature as the desire to lay down rules of conduct for other people.”
— William Howard Taft

John- Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this

Segment 3 Interview with Brandon Combs of the Firearms Policy Coalition
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Segment 4 DGUs

Gary-  While this story is a defensive gun use, it can almost be considered a “Why I Carry” story as well, because the victim may have been able to avoid hours of abuse if a firearm was more accessible.

Ivy Winter Reutzel-Morrell alleges that Anthony Ray Tullis, 25, who also lived in her home, took her into a bedroom and assaulted her for over five hours.  Tullis also threatened Reutzel-Morrell’s life during the altercation.  Fortunately, the victim was able to gain control a rifle during the terrifying incident and shoot the suspect. He was dead by the time authorities arrived.  This also backs up Paul and my assertion of pants on, gun on.

Rachel- Comment- or for women, skirt on, gun on.

John – A 38 y.o. Shasta County, California man with a criminal history went to a birthday party for a child that he shared with his ex-girlfriend Amanda Rizer. He became enraged to find Matthew Robinson, 32, of Redding also in attendance at the party. Robinson had recently started a relationship with Ms. Rizer. The unidentified former boyfriend left the party but returned 20 minutes later declaring he was going to take the child. He advanced on Robinson who fired a warning shot from his .38 revolver. The ex-boyfriend then went to his car and retrieved what appeared to be a 9mm pistol and pointed it at Robinson. Fearing for his life, Robinson shot the ex-boyfriend once in the chest. The ex was transported to Mercy Med. Center in Redding where he later died. Deputies said the 9mm pistol turned out to be a replica and that they have determined that Robinson fired in self-defense.

Rob Comment – Don’t fire warning shots and don’t threaten someone who you know has an actual firearm with a toy gun. Neither are a good idea!

Rachel-  Innovative Optique sells glasses and sunglasses in Fox Point, Wisconsin.  The store had been robbed before.  The store owner expressed his concern for his safety and for his employees.  At about noon on Friday, 22 year old Joshua Drake of Milwaukee tried to rob the store at gunpoint.  The gunman fired, and an armed employee shot back and killed him.  The thief was pronounced dead at the scene.  The employee wasn’t hurt.

Rob- A Phoenix, Arizona woman pulled into her driveway.  The 63 year old driver was approached by a 23 year old Michael Medina.  Medina approached the driver’s door and asked to use her phone.  She said no, and Medina dragged her out of the car and threw her to the ground.  Then he got into her car.  A couple who lives next door saw the suspect walking up to their neighbor and thought something was wrong.  The woman went up to the vehicle and opened the passenger side door.  She was knocked to the ground as the carjacker drove away.  The man saw his wife knocked to the ground and fired several shots at the suspect in the vehicle.

The suspect fled the area in the vehicle, but he crashed and died a short distance away.  The carjacker did not know the victims.  Both the car owner and the neighbor were briefly hospitalized for bruises and head injuries.

Gary- 21 year old Michael Williams Little had broken up with his 18 year old girlfriend, Ashley Womack, a few weeks ago.  Little was a police cadet and went to his ex-girlfriend’s home near Knoxville, Tennessee.   Cadet Little argued with the family.  He left and came back with a handgun.  He then shot a family friend, his ex-girlfriend, and his ex-girlfriend’s mother.  The ex-girlfriend’s brother retrieved a 22 caliber rifle and shot the gunman several times.

The family friend was dead when authorities arrived.  Little was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

John Comment-  I’m glad the police are not the only ones who have a gun.

Gary Comment- I bet the victims wish they were carrying.

John- You would sleep during the day if you work nights.  That is why a homeowner was startled awake at 2 in the afternoon as Justin O’neal Hall kicked in his front door.  The homeowner woke to see the intruder standing in his livingroom.  He also recognised Justin Hall from high school.  They exchanged words, and the homeowner told Hall he was going to grab his shoes before they went together and examined the damage to his front door.  The homeowner grabbed his shoes.. and his pistol.  He held Hall at gunpoint until police arrived. Hall was charged with second-degree burglary and police believe he may be connected to other recent home break-ins in the area.  I noticed the newspaper already had his picture on file.

Rob- Comment-  A perfect case of armed self-defense with no shots fired.

Rachel Comment-  No, it would have been perfect if he’d been armed when he came out of his bedroom.

Gun check: it may or may not be 10PM where you are….regardless of the time, do you know where your gun is?
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Segment 5 Show close

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John – Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?

Rob- I have an article out on disarming crazy people.. like our California politicians.

John do you want to mention anything off of your blog you would like to talk about?

John – I had a post regarding a comment by the former NYC Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Baden. He was employed by the family of Ferguson, MO teen Michael Brown to perform an independent autopsy. He determined that Officer Darren Wilson had shot Brown 6 times in the front of the body. He made that comment that ‘You’re not supposed to shoot so many times,”.  The reality is that in a self-defense situation, you shoot as many times as is needed to stop the threat whether it is one, six, or 26 shots.

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