Episode 173 – The Unnamed Trucker and Jamie Lee

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Interview  (UnNamed Trucker)

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Jamie Lee interview

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Sticks has some additional info about an email from the weekend show

Listener e-mail discussion

Email 1

Paul,I just listened to Episode 172, in which you mentioned not taking hollow-points into New Jersey. FYI, hollow-points are not illegal by themselves. NJ treats hollow-points like a hate crime. It is not illegal to hate someone for any ridiculous reason. It is just “extra illegal” to cause them harm because of this hate. In the same way, it is “extra illegal” to commit a crime in NJ while in possession of hollow-points. My (Utah) carry instructor semi jokingly said that he uses hollow-points for self defense for the additional reason of charging the bad guy for possession of hollow-points after being shot while committing a crime.Mike in NJ

Email 2 (suck up for swag)

Ok guys I will make this real short.  I love the show, listened to them all.

Paul, I love what you are doing with the show. The new hosts you bought on all add something to the show. I like that you do must of this from the sleeper of a tractor.

Sticks, the best thing about you is voice. I can’t help but listen when you talk. I also like the passion you show when talking about Appleseed shoots.

Rob, the new guy. You seem to bring more of a grown up feeling to the show, kinda like a high school science teacher. The words of wisdom that keep the show on track.

I feel like I’m missing someone…. no I think I covered you all.

Thanks for the show,


Indianapolis IN


I wouldn’t forget about Toby. Dude you are awesome on the show. Keep doing what you are doing.

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