Episode 166 – News and the return of the Ask the GunDoc Segment

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Break 1 ABN Army Surplus
Ask the Gundoc Segment – Should you keep rounds in your unused magazines?
Push for more gun control after Navy Yard murderers?
Did the NRA wake up yet?
New NRA commentator Billy Johnson from Amidst the Noise commented on the washington navy yard murders.  More laws in the anti-gun states.
Outcome of Nigerian mall shooting?  62 killed.  Royal Marine with a handgun escorted 100s to safety.

Break 2 Concealment Solutions and Nighthawk
Signing of UN ATT by John Kerry…Can a treaty supersede the constitution?
The list of speakers and celebrities at the Houston GRPC-
Jeff Knox of Knox report, Larry Pratt of GOA, Jim Ivine of Buckeye firearms, Andrew Rothman of gun owners civil rights of Minnesota, Gene Hoffman of Calguns, Massad Ayoob of the Second Amendment Foundation, Marty Hayes  President of Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, Tom Gresham of GunTalk, Emily Miller from Washington Times, Professor David Kopel, Dr. John Lott, Brian Aitken, Journalist Dave Workman, Mark Walters of AAR, Alan Korwin, Charles Heller, podcaster Mark Vandenberg, Frank Fiamingo of NJ@AS, Richard Feldman of independent firearms owners of america?

Break 3  NJ2AS
Christian Science Monitor- Government shutdown and 12 ways it could affect you.  They had to dig, so they are really saying that life WILL go on.

25 percent of registered voters said we should not increase the federal debt and balance the budget by cutting spending.

Virginia students suspended for playing with airsoft guns in their front yard.
14 bad gun bills on California Governor Brown’s desk.  His phone and office staff have been very busy taking calls.  Contact the Governor and give the left coast some love.
Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916) 445- 2841 Fax: 916) 558- 3160
You can also read these bills and write and fax Governor Brown here.https://www.firearmspolicy.org/the-issues/california/2013-2014/askbrown/

Break 4 Slipstream

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