A Tragedy

Today started for me with a lot of load planning and then trying to get caught up on some podcasts. I was unaware of the events of the morning in Connecticut. About 2pm, I tuned into a satellite radio program centered around NASCAR that I try to catch as often as I can (usually 3 to 4 times a week).

Right away the host starts talking about tragic events in Connecticut and this usually politically conservative guy starts saying how he is thinking that we might have to start re-thinking our positions on guns, and then goes on to the issues of the day in NASCAR.

At that point I change the channel to Fox News to find out what is going on and hear the whole deal. My initial thoughts are, of course for the families who have lost children. I am a Father and now Grandfather for some time and cannot fathom the pain of a loss of a child or grandchild.

Very soon after that the calls for gun control start coming in and I am torn. We know next to nothing about the events of today and yet there are all the usual suspects screaming from the rooftops that guns are the problem. Here is the dilemma. I have a show “in the can” (recorded and pre-editing done and only have to wait for one segment and lay down and open and a close) that was to be released Saturday night. Almost all of it was recorded Monday afternoon and evening.

In the show that is ready to go is a REALLY good interview with a representative of the K-Var group, the distributors of the Saiga 12GA shotgun, and a roundtable with Toby and I and a couple of Canadian podcasters. A REALLY good show.

So this is what I have come up with. The show that was to air this weekend will now be a mid week show and the whole gang (Raquel, Toby, Brian, Mick, and me) will be doing another round table in the morning. That show will be released tomorrow night.

Everyone please hug your kids extra tight tonight. They are after all what it is all about.

PS. I did find this on Kathy Jackson’s blog. Please take a second to read it. http://www.corneredcat.com/tears-and-prayers-and-a-favor/

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