Episode 403 – Still More Interviews

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1- Open and Personal News Segment

2- Interview Segment 1 Guest Alan Gottlieb

3- Interview Segment 2: Guest Justin Delosh

4- Interview Segment 3: Guest Lynne Disanto

5- Interview Segment 4: Guest Jeff Knox

6- Interview Segment 5: Guest Jeff Knox (part 2)

7- Email and Show Close:


1- Introduction

Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast sponsored by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Sunday, February 26th, 2017, I’m Paul Lathrop

John: I’m John Richardson, and tonight we will have an interview with Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation

Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone, and we’ll also talk with Jeff Knox about the upcoming NRA elections

Paul: And finally we will talk with South Dakota Representative Lynne DiSanto about Constitutional Carry in South Dakota, So climb aboard!

Rachel: strap in

John : and hang on!

Paul:  episode 403 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.


Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)


John –  I took off last Friday morning to go to the range. I got to fire my dentist’s Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum revolver. It was a pussycat with .44 Special and not hard to control in .44 Magnum. I also worked to break in my LCP II. It’s will be a nice little carry gun when it is fully broken in. The NC Wildlife Resources Commission really upgraded the Cold Mountain range and added a full time RSO. They want to add a 25 yard pistol bay. It brings home the point that we need more funding for public ranges. The Target and Marksmanship Training Support Act of 2017 would allow more ammo excise tax money to go this. This is a bipartisan bill, HR. 788, which needs our support. Similar bills in the past two Congresses almost got to the end line. This year it should. Links in the show notes.


Rachel – Wow, this has been a busy week! Constitutional carry is still my priority, and I’m doing all I can to promote HB 375. Texas GOLD, our Gun Owners Lobby Day, is coming up this week. I picked up T-shirts and they look great. I’m really proud that we have 10 gun rights organizations who are participating. We’ve been promised a hearing soon, so be ready to come to Austin on short notice if at all possible. I’ve been giving a LOT of presentations for groups all over town – learn to testify trainings, briefings on all the gun & knife bills, and more. I also recorded a set of videos that is a condensed version of the Learn to Testify training. Check that out on my YouTube channel – be sure to like and subscribe! Other than that, I got to teach a short rifle clinic for the A Girl & A Gun ladies yesterday morning. It was great to smell gunpowder and I miss it when I’m not on the range – so I’m planning a MAG-20 course in May. I was given a seat at the TSRA awards banquet head table so I got to visit with keynote speaker Katie Kieffer. She gave them ideas on how to appeal to millennials. That’s important for them since our ages combined probably equaled the average age in the room.





Promo about upcoming training classes here.

(June 9-11 2017. MAG-30. Georgetown, TX

(June 24, 25th 2017.  Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced.  9am -5pm both days. Richmond, IL)

(August 10-13, 2017. MAG-40. Sioux Falls, SD)

(August 26 & 27, 2017. Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced. Sioux Falls, SD)




6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close


Listener e-mail discussion


We got a text from Mike from the Reloading Podcast


Just wanted to say on the steel case, yes you can reload it and the laquered stuff doesn’t seem to cause as much wear as bare steel

Mike from the Reloading Podcast


We also got a text from someone who didn’t leave their name


Congratulations on 400 episodes! I enjoy the podcast so much. You keep me up to date on issues in the gun world and entertain as well.


Clayton emailed in


Hi all!

I am sorry to disappoint you, Gary. But I still don’t know what it’s like to drive through Chicago disarmed. Illinois state law honors my permit from my home state as long as I stay inside my vehicle! I never took off my gun! The only thing I did was down load my magazines from their standard 17 to 15 because I figured Illinois has one of those ridiculous magazine capacity limits as if crime were actually decreased that way..

I learned of the statute that allows non residents to carry inside their vehicle when I had a heated email argument with the state police. I am certified with the USCCA and my material is approved for me to train your residents to get their permit to carry. Yet mine is invalid merely for living outside your borders. I couldn’t possibly be trusted with a gun in your state, right?!

Fingers crossed for fifty state reciprocity, I’m giddy when I imagine carrying my guns in tax slave states that previously didn’t allow it. (Looking at you, Commiefornia!)

Thanks for calling me out, I enjoy chatting with you all. Have a lovely week and congratulations on your recent episode 400.

Sincerely, Clayton.


Michael wanted to talk a little more about backup guns


Followup to the on-air discussion…


You probably won’t be able to use this, but this video talks about why to carry spare ammo on your gun side (Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge).




Also, my ankle gun becomes my primary when driving (I commute 2+ hours total per day), so having a spare mag in my cargo pocket leaves it accessible when seated, which can’t be said for the front pocket.


A backup isn’t always just a backup… I like to think of it more as another option, depending on the situation.




Matt wrote in to talk about battery life for optics


The manufacture stated battery life on most slide mounted red dots approaches 2-3 years. But obviously it is suggested you change them every year on a defensive weapon. The trijicon I used at mag 40 was a dual illumination model that is powered by ambient light and tritium. With the half life of tritium being 10 years. That means that after 10 years the brightness with no ambient light will be cut in half. That will have no affect on the ambient light. Meaning the theoretical plinking useful life is  unlimited. On paper this sounds fantastic but has some fairly major downsides that would lead me to suggest a battery powered optic due to the level of tint on the lens required to make the dual illumination work. You can see a demonstration of it here. https://youtu.be/MefuHqWVteY

I hope that cleared up any questions you have.





Todd wanted to talk a bit more about National Reciprocity


Hey all, thanks for reading my email last week about revolvers and national reciprocity. To muddy the waters further with regard to CA, the safe handgun roster not only affects sales but also the transfer of handguns into the state. State law requires any individual moving into the state to declare their handguns to DOJ, and of course, submit the required fee. Handguns not currently on the roster are not allowed in the state. Take that back to the national reciprocity law. It’s unclear if “complying with state law” would encompass adherence to the roster as well.


Incidentally, I am a libertarian and more of a “states rights” guy – I think states that want to suck should be allowed to suck, and we would end up with more freedom in more places due to U-Haul than the court system. Unless we move to a national standard for concealed carry (a disaster in my opinion) the only alternative is to allow each state to demand compliance to their state laws while carrying within their borders.


I’m no lawyer, but instead of a “race to the bottom” as the gun control states maintain will occur with national reciprocity, I wonder if we’ll see a “race to lunacy” in the states like CA, MA, and NJ.


Stay safe!



San DIego


PS I grew up in Nort’ Dakota, so if you ever need to read recipes, I’m ok with lefse, walleye, tater tot hotdish, and Juneberry pie.


Chris wants to inflate our egos a bit




I must say, it humbled me to listen to your 400th episode.  What you and your team have built over the last 5 years is genuinely awe inspiring.


Thank you ALL, both on and off the air (here’s looking at you Charlie Foxtrot) for everything you have done and endured to bring us your knowledge, insight, and wisdom each week.  As other listeners have mentioned, I too put the Polite Society Podcast at the top of my list each week.  I wait in anticipation of each release and I pause whatever else I may be listening to when your next episodes is published.  I enjoy, admire, and even envy the reasoned, intellectual, and principled discourse you share each week.  Your dedication and commitment to fighting for one of our many inalienable rights inspires me each week.


Humbly yours,


Chris in North Carolina

Paul – beg and throw to John

John – The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals released an utterly ridiculous opinion in the Maryland case of Kolbe v. Hogan. They upheld Maryland’s assault weapons and standard capacity magazine bans. The majority opinion said that AR15s were like M16s and thus not protected by the Second Amendment because they (almost) could be used by the military. The court made a mockery of the Heller decision when they used it as their rationale to allow Maryland’s ban. Sen. Ted Cruz at CPAC raked them over the coals for this ridiculous decision. The main thing this decision shows is how the packing of circuit courts by Obama is making a mockery of constitutional rights.


That and more is at only guns and money dot blogspot dot com.

Paul Talk about cons sol

We would like to thank Charlie Foxtrot for writing up show notes for us. Even though you don’t hear him on the air he is certainly part of what you do hear. Look at his blog at not one more gun law dot blogspot dot com


Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank (Guests) for joining us today.  So for Charlie Foxtrot, Gary, John, Rachel, Susan, Craig, and Rob,


John: Until the next time…

Rachel: stay safe,

Paul: be aware,

John: and we’ll see y’all down the road, bless y’all’s hearts.


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