Episode 299

“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”
Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded live on Sunday, January 4th 2015. I’m Paul Lathrop
John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about a veteran who lost his gun rights due to insomnia.
Rob: I’m Rob Morse and it seems the criminals aren’t obeying the new gun laws in Washington State.
Gary D: I’m Gary Daugherty and tonight we interview John Pierce about mental health and losing your right to self-defense, so climb aboard.
John: strap in
Rob: and hang on!
Paul: Because episode 299 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1- Personal news from each participant
Rob- I made my year end donations. I am a superhero. I also put in some dry practice. It feels like a different gun now that I replaced the springs. I waited too long to replace them. The springs I took out were MUCH shorter than the springs I put in. I buy ammunition in 1 to 2 thousand round lots. I’ll have to buy new springs each second purchase.

John – Like Rob, I made my year end donations to gun rights organizations. I spent about 4 hours yesterday working the Grass Roots North Carolina booth at the local gun show. I met some interesting folks. Unlike most gun shows, I didn’t come home with ammo but I did find a rear sight for my Savage 99 that I’m restoring. Other than that, I’m trying to fight off the beginnings of a cold so that I’ll be well for the SHOT Show in two weeks.

(Weekend shows only) I am going to insert a live promo about upcoming training classes in Sioux Falls here.
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Seg 2- News

Paul 1- Donald Montgomery is a navy veteran AND again a veteran police officer with 30 years of service. He rose to the rank of detective sergeant before he retired. He visited a Long Island, New York hospital for treatment of insomnia after he and his wife moved to a new home in the area. New York State Police and local sheriff’s officers knocked on Montgomery’s door five days later. They seized his four registered handguns, including his former duty sidearms. The Sheriff said he’d been repeatedly pressured by the New York State Police to assist in the raid.

Montgomery is suing Governor Cuomo, Eastern Long Island Hospital, the superintendent of state police and the local sheriff. The Sheriff said Montgomery was declared mentally defective. Hospital records say otherwise. Montgomery sought treatment voluntarily. The hospital diagnosed Montgomery as “mildly depressed and having trouble sleeping.” The records said quote, “Patient has no thoughts of hurting himself. Patient has no thoughts of hurting others. Patient is not having suicidal thoughts. Patient is not having homicidal thoughts…” and “there is no evidence of any psychotic processes, mania, or OCD symptoms. Insight, judgment, and impulse control are good.” The hospital psychiatrist told Montgomery, “I don’t know why you were referred here. You don’t belong here.”

Montgomery alleges that the hospital violated his privacy by transmitting his medical information to the State Police without his consent or knowledge. Montgomery subsequently requested a hearing to have his handgun ownership permit reinstated, but the sheriff’s department terminated his permit without a hearing. The police also denied Montgomery’s Freedom of Information requests to see what information has been placed in his file. Both the police and the hospital refused to allow him to correct any mistakes in his medical record.

Our listeners might remember that Governor Cuomo publicly stated that conservatives have no place in the State of New York. I guess retired police officers are now enemies of the state.

Rob 2- There were a number of sexual assaults this summer on and near the campus of University of Florida, Gainesville. There was also a mass shooting in front of the library at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Those are both called gun free zones under florida law. There are now bills in the florida house and senate to allow concealed carry on campus. Sean Caranna is the executive director of Florida carry. Sean said this, ““Frankly, we have had enough. Too many lives have been lost because of the illusion of safety and security associated with gun-free zones. Where colleges have allowed concealed carry, there has not been a single mass shooting.”

Rob- I’ve had a call in for Zachary at Students for Concealed Carry for a month. Maybe he’ll come on the show some time.

Paul 3- Wendy Davis ran for governor of Texas. She lost by 20 points. Now the out of work politician said she’ll probably run for office again. She has a law degree from Harvard. She said she did well fundraising inside and outside of Texas. She said her support of open carry hurt her fundraising efforts from Democrat supporters outside of Texas. Quote “What I do know is that as an elected public servant, I’ve always been true to my core beliefs. Always. And I’m so proud of that, and this was the only time I felt like I’d strayed a bit from that.” She wants local preemption so Texas municipalities could make their own gun laws. She pointed to her votes requiring background checks at gun shows when she was a City Councilwoman and her opposition as a senator to allowing guns on college campuses. Davis’s senate district is now held by tea party candidate Konni Burton.

Rob- Core beliefs?


Rob 4- The Reuters news service ran a clickbait headline that said gun deaths by police rose 56 percent. Put that into perspective. Take out accidental death and suicide, and we’re left with 50 officers killed in 2014, 32 in 2013, and 68 officers killed in 2011. That means the homicide rate for police officers is 15 percent higher than for the general public. Blue lives matter.. just like everyone elses.

Rob- most police will retire without ever firing their firearm on patrol.

Paul 5- We have mixed news from Michigan. Governor Snyder vetoed bills that would have exempted airguns from Michigan firearms laws. That leaves us and our children at risk for owning a BB gun. The governor’s staff said he did not sign a bill making Michigan shall issue and getting rid of the county gun boards. The state legislature’s website says he signed the bill. I hope the governor signs both bills, but RINOs have disappointed me too many times before to count on them.

Rob 6- Comedian Jeff Foxworthy and singer Alan Jackson are scheduled to provide entertainment at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville. Shannon Watts and her Moms Demand Action are trying to bully Foxworthy and Jackson into canceling their appearances. On their Facebook page they wrote, “Alan Jackson and Jeff Foxworthy agreed to open this year’s NRA convention after the NRA pushed to arm convicted criminals, blocked federal gun violence research, and board members promoted armed insurrection. Let’s educate these celebrities on the dangerous and irresponsible policies the gun lobby supports.” Katie Pavlich thinks that Jeff Foxworthy will end up using Moms Demand Action as part of his routine for their laughable effort.

John – I would agree. And I think our listeners would find it ironic that a group that should be against bullying engages in it at every opportunity. Witness their blackmail campaign against many restaurants, Jay Leno, and Kroger grocery stores. Only Kroger has shown any spine.

Paul 7- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel thinks guns are bad.. if you have them. Guns are great if he has them. The mayor has a sign outside his house telling mere citizens that the house is guarded by armed secret service agents as well as the Chicago police.
Rob- Mayors don’t get secret service protection!
They do if they once worked for Barack Obama.

The totals are in for the rest of the mere citizens in the gun free paradise of Chicago. In 2014, there were 388 people shot and killed, and 2231 people shot and wounded.

See, they don’t have secret service protection!

Rob 8- Frustrated in their efforts to enact gun control at the national level, the gun prohibitionists are turning their eyes on the states. According to a recent New York Times story, following the victory for I-594 in Washington State, gun controllers are looking at up to 20 more states for ballot initiatives. The Brady Campaign views Maine, Oregon, and Arizona as the states where they could have the most success. This is on top of the effort in Nevada. While these campaigns are expensive, they now can depend upon the deep pockets of Michael Bloomberg and other billionaires. John Feinblatt of Everytown said, “Whether it’s on guns or immigration or tax reform, clearly Washington is broken. You have to influence the federal government at the state.”

John – This should be a warning to everyone that we need to be aware and to join their state-level organizations.

Rob- I donated to several California organizations.

Paul 9- They promised us that criminals would obey the law now that voters passed Washington Initiative 594. Unfortunately, the robbers get a vote more than rich gun control advocates. Three men robbed a car at gunpoint in West Seattle. The robbers demanded wallets and phones, and then pointed a gun at the driver when the three occupants complained. Thank goodness they didn’t hand the gun back and forth, or they’d be guilty of a new firearms crime.

Rob- This reminds me of the stupidity of micro-agression. We’re ignoring violent criminals while we criminalize non-violent gun owners.

John – A link to “fart raping”.

Paul- last- Author Brian Aitken is having a book signing on Tuesday, the 20th of January. The event is at the VFW hall in Whippany, New Jersey. Check the New Jersey Second Amendment society website for details.
Rob- I met Brian Aitken. I interviewed him on this podcast. I’ve donated to his fundraising campaigns. I know his story and I am reading his book. He tries to tell his story in an even handed and a light-hearted manner. I find it hard to read because I am outraged by how he was treated. You will want to meet Brian if you live near New York City.
(BRIAN AITKEN BOOK SIGNING EVENT IN NORTH JERSEY, 20 Jan 2015 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM, Location: The VFW Hall at 750 New Jersey Route 10, Whippany, NJ 07981)

Gary- Gun Quotes- “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” said H.L. Mencken.

Rob- Henry Louis Mencken was an American journalist, essayist, magazine editor, satirist and social critic. He died the year I was born.

Hang on everybody, we’ll be back after this
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Segment 3 Interviews

The Texas Legislature convenes on Tuesday, January 13. This marks the beginning of an intense 5-month period for which Texas gun owners have been eagerly waiting. Most of the open carry groups in Texas can trace their origins back to the summer of 2013, just after the close of a very disappointing legislative session. For the past year and a half, they have been conducting open carry marches to raise awareness and keep the issue from dying. Now they have a chance to work for legislative action.

Justin Delosh is doing just that. Justin is a grassroots liberty activist, member of the steering committee for TAG (Texans for Accountable Government), director of Lone Star Gun Rights, working to pass Constitutional Carry in Texas. Justin is here to talk about an event at the Texas State Capitol on Tuesday, January 13.

Justin, we’ve been a part of many rallies and open carry marches near the Capitol. What’s different about this event?
Justin’s website is–
When and where does this event begin?
January 13. 8AM at the south gate of the capital.  We want to flood every office.
What can we expect to be doing at the event?
Show up and be counted.
Some people won’t be able to travel or get off work to join us in Austin on Tuesday. What can they do to help the cause?
to http://lonestargr.com/ and sign the petition.
What can we expect during the next 5 months of session?
What are the critical points of getting gun legislation passed, and how can listeners be ready to come help?
You’ve been working and planning for the session for almost two years now. How does it feel now that it’s actually here?
Tell me about the behind-the-scenes work that’s going on right now to help make this event happen.
Tell me about the people who are working to make a difference in Texas.
Recap Jan. event (when, where, what). How can listeners connect with you, support the cause, and find information?
Thank you, Justin.

Rights restoration applies state by state.
Insomnia/depression triggered clauses in the New York SAFE Act.

Segment 4 DGUs
Rob 1- This story is from Detroit, Michigan. A 44 year old man and a 40 year old woman had stopped and were sitting in their car early on New Years eve. Two men approached the car. They pointed a shotgun at the couple and demanded their wallets and keys. The man in the car has his concealed carry license and was carrying at the time. He shot one robber in the chest. The second robber dragged his accomplice back to their car and drove him to the hospital. The second robber abandoned his friend at the hospital and ran away on foot. The 23 year old robber was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Paul 2- Justin Schilling of Centuria Wisconsin was sleeping in bed early New Years morning. He woke up to hear someone pounding at his door. As he approached the door, Derek Amoroso kicked the door in and entered Schilling’s home. Schilling was already armed and told Amoroso to leave. Amoroso attacked the homeowner. Schilling shot his attacker once in the leg and groin area. Police found Amoroso lying on the kitchen floor. EMTs transported him to a local hospital where he is now listed in stable condition. Police said the homeowner is not expected to face charges in the shooting.

Rob 3- We’ve reported stories like this before. 38 year old William Bloomer got drunk at a party near Beaumont, Texas. He left on foot to go see a friend he thought lived nearby. Bloomer broke into a house and the homeowner shot him. Bloomer died of his gunshot wounds. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has not filed any charges against the homeowner.

Rob- You’d better make plans if you’re going to get blind drunk.

Paul 4- Our next story of defensive gun use is from Katy Texas and was sent in by listener Scott. An armed robber walked into a fireworks stand on newyears eve. The getaway driver waited in the car. The robber demanded money from the employee working in the stand. The employee tried to talk the robber out of the robbery.. and then shot the robber four times. The getaway driver fled the scene. The robber was flown to a hospital and is listed in critical condition. Police think these two hispanic robbers had hit several other businesses in the last few days.

Thank you, Scott.

Rob5- 24 year old Wendell Giles was on parole. His parole officer wanted him for parole violations. The police wanted him as a suspect in eight burglaries in the North Little Rock area. A homeowner heard someone enter his home Monday morning. The homeowner called the police and grabbed his rifle. The homeowner aimed the rifle at the intruder’s head.. and the gun didn’t fire because the homeowner forgot to take off the safety. Giles fled the scene, but was arrested by police a short distance away. Giles was not armed when he was arrested.. for 9 burglaries.

Paul 6- A gun store owner got a call from his alarm company. The front door was smashed and several guns were missing from his Youngsville Louisiana store when he arrived. Video surveillance showed the thieves breaking into the store and breaking the display cases. The store owner boarded up his store and went home. The alarm sounded a few hours later and the store owner returned to find two men sitting in a car in front of his shop. They drove toward him. They struck him and the front of his store with their car. The driver then pointed a gun at the store owner. The store owner drew and fired. Police found the vehicle a few streets away. Both the driver and passenger suffered gunshot wounds. The driver was dead and the passenger required urgent medical attention after his arrest. The vehicle used by the thieves was stolen. Police found found firearms in the vehicle that were taken from the Youngsville gunshop and from other recent burglaries.

Rob 7- Clayton Dial, 23, needed money to pay his drug dealer. He thought the Kamakura sushi restaurant in Champaign, Illinois would be the place to get it this past Tuesday. Dial thought wrong. After he pulled out what appeared to be a revolver and demanded cash from the hostess, sushi chef Tetsui Miwa grabbed his sushi knife and went on the offensive. Grabbing Dial by the shoulders, he demanded to know what he wanted. When the robber saw the knife, he started running. Miwa along with two managers finally subdued Dial in the parking lot and held him until police arrived . The revolver turned out to be a pellet gun.

Miwa said later that he really didn’t want to use his sushi knife but would have if it was absolutely necessary. “It’s pretty expensive so I didn’t want to damage it or use it. I was telling him, ‘Don’t make me use this.’ As soon as the other two managers came out, I set it down to the ground very carefully because I didn’t want to damage my blade,” Dial is now in the county jail under $100,000 bond charged with attempted aggravated robbery, intimidation and aggravated battery.

Paul- We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com Please take a minute and share them with a friend.

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Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank John Pierce for joining us today. co-hosts, will you be with us next time? I’m looking forward to it. Until the next time…
Rob: stay safe,
Gary: be aware,
John: and we’ll see you down the road.

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